Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Exciting Day at the Polls

As a registered Independent, I did not get to take part in today's Primary in Kentucky. I felt a little screwed there. I register as an Independent as a way of demonstrating my support for an individual's right to CHOICE in all sorts of arenas. My husband, much to his own surprise, had registered Democrat as opposed to his usual Independent, so he got to cast a vote. I didn't ask who he voted for, but since I know who it was NOT for, I can only surmise it was a vote for Obama. It was no doubt a proud moment for him. It was a proud moment for me.

On a sad note, we were at the polls rather late, and of the over 600 registered voters in our tiny district of the city, only just over 100 had bothered to get their asses out to vote. Short of a flood after-work voters, that is a travesty. Perhaps they feel the KY Primary doesn't matter. Perhaps they are Republicans who feel the state and district elections aren't worth going to the polls for. Perhaps they are confused and don't even understand that there still IS a Republican Primary going on as well. Or perhaps they are content to keep Kentucky...well...KEN-TUCK-Y (said with Skoal between the cheek and gum).

A recent national poll revealed that 15% of voters still (ERRONEOUSLY) believe that Obama is Muslim. Half of those people probably live in Kentucky.

Even though I did not vote, I wanted to make my position clear here:

I am a proud white female supporter of Obama 08. I would have loved to have been a part of electing our first female president, but, unfortunately, I can't back this particular female candidate (for reasons I'm more than willing to talk about, but for brevity, will omit here). And I won't vote for anyone based on race OR ownership of a penis or vagina.

I filled out a "Change of Party Affiliation" card today at the polls. It was my little way of casting a vote without casting a vote.


Julie said...

LOL- Ken tuck y- that was funny!

S said...

Don't like Hillary much---Obama not sure about. Though I think he is spooky also. But one thing I am sure about (you probably won't like this) is I personally would try very hard not to put a Democrat in office---no matter how moderate they'll appear for votes. Just me....since the Clinton Administration we are proud Republicans around here. (not saying we are happy with President Bush right now) But I do agree-not voting based on many of your points. We did vote in Pa for the primary---and burned our vote against McCain ---Huckabee got it. McCain is not quite a Republican. It is good our County is free---and we can agree to disagree with politics----I still love your blog no matter which side of the fence you are on with Politics--A "balance" of power is what helps run the country!! One thing for sure it will be a historical and interesting run this time around! The Democrats are strong this time, but the GOP even though torn---will do what they always do in the end which will be come together- It will be fun to see it all unfold--either way!

Marthavmuffin said...

I am with you in more ways than one. I can't understand why anyone would want more of what the Republican administration has done to our country. Everyone acts like Clinton was so terrible, but there have been so many more instances of pure debauchery recently revealed by conservatives. And our country was doing so good during the Democrats run...I just don't get it.