Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, I don't blog much anymore because I've lost a lot of my anonymity and don't really want to write much of what I feel knowing people I know may read it. In short, I have marital problems, I suffer from depression that is under control but that does bring about some very bad days, and my kids have issues like all kids do. Oh, and I have issues, too. And I really appreciate the friends who have emailed with concerns. I working on myself, I promise.

Cookie is having more and more behavioral problems. Whoever coined the term "terrible twos" should be properly bitch-slapped. They lied. 3s are much worse. Couple that with a smart child, and you have one helluva backtalking princess/witch. She's really sweet and breathtakingly intelligent and articulate. She is also constantly in motion much of the time and has to have challenges to work on to keep her satisfied. She wears me out (of course, being 38 and out of shape does not help). Oh, and please don't respond with diagnoses for her - I really don't want them. It won't hurt our friendship, but it will piss me off and then I will cuss. And I'm working on not cussing before noon.

Bit-Bit has herpes. It's pretty crappy when the doctor says "Your daughter has herpes." Thank God this is the oral kind that most all of us have. Just most of us never experience a primary outbreak like this, and not many of us get a mouthful of sores. She is one unhappy camper. She turns two next month, and still weighs just shy of 25 pounds and is quite small. Bit-Bit still fits her moniker. She says lots of 1-word statements, and is quite nonverbally expressive. You can have an entire conversation with her - she just won't use sentences.

We are fostering kittens for the Humane Society because dumb-asses dropped off 31 kittens in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago, and the call went out to all who had fostered before to please re-up. So we got 3. They are stinky, and fuzzy, and cute, but I am not ready for them to go back. Mia loves the heck out of them and always wants them in bed with her. But she knows we are just fostering, and they they are not for keeps. I am gonna be strong on that. Correction - my allergies are gonna be strong on that.

I've been sick for months with recurrent sinus infections, bronchitis, and secondary infections that have made it tough to breathe. I've also hurt my back with all the coughing. I'm finishing a round of pretty tough and expensive antibiotics now, so I hope this will kill whatever has invaded me.

My BFF is moving here in less than a month to start on her PhD this fall. She's getting a cute apartment pretty close to the house, so the girls will have Auntie Megan around which makes me very, very happy. And it will be great for me, too. I missed having a great friend that lives in the same city. I don't make friends easily. I think I'm at the age where that is pretty tough. Also, I don't like weird people and prefer relatively sane ones so friend-making is not my forte.

I've created a new blog site on wordpress but haven't written anything yet. It will likely be a very mouthy hard-core brutally honest look at marriage, sex, life, parenting, and the sorts. If you'd like the addy, please leave an email in the comments section. I'll delete the comments to keep your emails private. Oh, and if you're someone I see on a rather regular basis IRL, please - no offense, I'd just rather this blog be for my blog-buddies eyes only so I can keep it quasi-anonymous and cuss and rant and self-disclose to the Nth degree.

Cheers! Tamara