Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On to more interesting topics...

Thank you for all of your varied perspectives - always fascinating to see the multitude of views on "The System".

That being said, I failed to tell you about the way-cool Valentine's Day present my husband gave me: a shiny new hot-pink iPod - my very first one. He's has an iPod for a while now, but I've never jumped in. In fact, Cookie has an iPod too. But this is mamma's first!! The very best part - he had it engraved on the back with a sweet little message. Awwwwww. And then while I was sleeping that night, he loaded it up with all of my favorites. The greater message in that gesture: he's really, truly listened to me when I prattled on and on about this artist or that song - most of whom he's never listened to much before. He knows me, and he chooses to stay with me. Sweet!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Accepting WIC

A reader left the following comment on my last post:

I think it is awesome that you are looking for uses for the WIC donations, but this is a very unique time to most of our delicate histories, and personally I think you should not be accepting the WIC food if you cannot use it. Many other WIC families need that food and supplies are limited, as well as the funding which has all been cut recently and will only continue to dwindle. Please leave those resources for someone who cannot live without them.

I'm certain I don't know this person and I'm also certain I didn't ask for opinions as to whether I should or should not accept WIC. I'm certain she does not know our family or our circumstances. I never said I couldn't USE the food, but the types of food families receive seem skewed to me (i.e. the disproportionate amounts of cheese). Therefore, I'm looking for ways to incorporate these things.

Did this reader also fail to see where I said we donate unused food to the Jesus Cupboard at our church to feed the needy in our community? We currently have so many calls for food at our church, we cannot handle them all. The WIC we cannot use goes to feed others. We also donate more, but that is irrelevant and would be inappropriate for me to even discuss.

I'm also not convinced that our income is relevant. My children are adopted from foster care and receive government assistance because of that. The state gives these resources to the children, not on the basis of the income of the parents. If we limit assistance for foster children who are taken in by people in poverty or just above the poverty level, then we keep those children in the poverty they came from. The WIC is in their names, not ours.

It might also be a good time to mention that we also get a monthly adoption subsidy for our children that will last until they are 18. There are many months that we anticipate the day the check is deposited so we can stock up on diapers and wipes, laundry detergent, bread, meat, and all the other life necessities that WIC vouchers don't touch. We consider this a gift from the Lord, and use it for things we would not normally be able to afford, like extra-curricular activities such as swimming, dance lessons, music lessons, and advanced reading curriculum. It's to benefit them, and we use it for them.

Anyone else use WIC, or not and would care to comment? It seems I've opened up a larger topic than just recipes.

But it is so fascinating to see those who quickly jump to judgment of another without knowing them.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Creative Uses for WIC Food

OK folks, I need help. Maybe we all need the help. My kid-os get WIC, and we are exceedingly grateful, but...

We get a jar of peanut butter each month and currenly have 4 unopened jars in addition to the one now opened. The kids really don't eat PB&J sandwiches as Mia doesn't eat bread.

So, anyone have favorite recipees or ideas for using the peanut butter?

We also get 5 pounds of cheese each month - yes, I said 5 pounds. OK, if I got milk instead of cheese for two of them I could cut it down to 3 pounds, but cheese costs more than milk, so I get the cheese.

Any favorite recipes or ideas for using cheese? It has to be cheddar, mozzarella, or colby sometimes, and can be shredded. But I currently have about 10 pounds of cheese in the freezer and am desperate for new creative ideas for using this stuff. Anyone have a fabulous homemade mac n' cheese recipe they can share?

Also, the cereal piles up - we usually donate a lot of it to the Jesus Cupboard at our church to help feed others. But sometimes I feel like donating WIC food is just donating what these folks already get, so I try to donate canned meats, etc. But the cereal piles up, too.

OK, so if you can send ideas or links, or recipes, I would be so greateful.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kentucky...Here We Stay!

Hubby turned down the offer to leave, and in the process even got a small raise from the folks here as a good-will gesture of "we'd like you to stay here". It's fine for now, and I'll busy myself teaching and working on home improvement and raising two scary-smart kid-os.

For example, when Cookie went to the doctor last time, she informed the doctor that the thing in the back of her throat was "a uvula". :) I love that kid.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Butterfly Cookie

The other night after getting out of the tub, Cookie wrapped herself in a big white fluffy towel so that only the top of her head was poking out. She then began to ever so slowly peek her head out of the top of the towel and unwrap herself. She then announced loudly, "I'm coming out of my chrysalis!" My child, the lepidoperist.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OK, now I'm frustrated and I have no one to really talk to about it. I can't really talk to my husband about it because if I really say what I think then I'm not being "supportive" and "loving". I hate that.

So, because I have this blog, I'm going to write what I feel because I can. If you know me IRL, please please don't take this the wrong way. This blog is my outlet. There's no need to call me and check up on me b/c I'm truly alright. I just need to vent, and I prefer to vent here because somehow it's where I truly feel understood. I don't have to censor myself, or act like a good person, or a good christian, or a good anything. I can just let it out, and in doing so, perhaps eventually let it go.

Hubby is still talking to the University in the South folks. I do not fully understand why. They haven't budged, and have yet to even send an offer in writing because they won't give hubby any of what he has asked for. I'm confused as to why he doesn't say some politically correct form of "kiss my ass" and walk away from it all. I don't know why he doesn't feel immensely insulted. I think he still wants to go there, and I don't know WHY he would want to work for people who think THAT offer is what he is worth. I've asked him, and his responses are brief, polite, and vague. I've tried asking clarifying questions, but the answers don't change. It's always some form of "I'm going to wait and see what they do next." Um, they're not going to f-in do jack! I asked him if this isn't a big red flag, and his response was "there are red flags everywhere you could go". Sure, but big huge crimson and grey ones that read "we think you should take a pay cut and drag your entire family here in a terrible economy for no good reason" ones??? Come on now.

I just want this all behind us. I'm ready to move on. He's talked to people, he's called, he's emailed, and nothing has budged. OK, one little sentence in which someone said "maybe they could go 2K more" making his pay cut $3K as opposed to $5K. Uh huh...yeah. Even little things, like a computer for home, were denied. Simple things we get here that we take for granted they've said no to. It just makes me so livid.

So now I've decided to stop talking with hubby about it altogether. That's what I have to do to stay sane. But then we go to church and loving well-meaning folks ask him (in front of me, of course), "Have you heard from Southern Univ. yet?" Greaaaat, I think. And all he says is "We're still in negotiations on the offer." Um, no, no you're not. Negotiations would be where THEY make another better offer - which they HAVE NOT DONE. I'm just f-in sick of it.

So, I did some retail therapy at Stein Mart and bought 4 very cute tops for a total of $53, so cheaper than a therapist. And I bought new lamps for the master bedroom, which is looking more and more cool every day. And we're going to hire the same guy to paint the last unfinished room in our house - hubby's office (which may eventually be a girl's bedroom when they need their own spaces). And then I baked brownie bites - and don't tell me they don't make you feel better, because darn it, they were awesome and I was in hog-heaven.

So, starting today, I am erasing the Tide from my vocabulary with hubby. No more questions - period. If he brings it up, I will listen. Period. I will not respond; I will not offer an opinion. I've given it, and I'm done. It's ultimately his choice, but I'm officially done. At least I have this blog - dunno where I'd be without my buddies!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The University in the South

Got the offer - they attempted the low-ball. I was LIVID and INSULTED. I don't know what Michael was. They actually offered 5K a year LESS than he makes HERE - WTF???!!! Then they had the cahones to say that he could make up that lost income by teaching in the summer. I am so tired of cussing, that I just don't have the energy to write about it. Their loss. I am glad we are happy here.

On a positive note - our master bedroom looks so...flippin'...goregous. Window treatments are next!!