Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back From FL ...before Fay

Well, we're back from spending two entire weeks at my folks' house on the southeast FL coast.

We flew back on Monday right ahead of the brunt of the storms in West Palm. It was awful weather, but the flights weren't too bad.

It was lovely for the girls to be with Grammy and Grandpy. It was OK for us altogether, though it was stressful getting there and back (we flew - duh). US Airways can kiss my flabby white butt (delays, rude staff, and $2 for even a glass of water on the plane).

But I digress.

Bit-Bit turned 1, obviously. She's growing a little - finally, and walking and jabbering about all kinds of things that I have no clue about. She shakes her head "No" when you tell her something is a "no-no". And she generally gets whatever she wants (so far).

Cookie is having issues with saying "NO!", talking back, stomping around, and being disobedient and defiant in general. Don't get me wrong, she's a very sweet and loving little girl. She's just NORMAL, and downright smart. She already knows how to argue and negotiate a point, so it's a mental challenge as well as a physical one. She's 4 months away from turning 3, so I expected this - but it does NOT make it any easier.

Our next step will be to get Bit-Bit off the bottle, though it is still important for her growth and small stature to get as many nutrients into her as possible. In fact, Michael has her at the doctor's right now for her 1-yr. check-up (and shots - he's doing the "dirty work" as I'm fighting off a migraine this afternoon).

We had a meeting with our R&C social worker this morning, and although I like her, she's a bit high-strung (even for me - which is saying a lot). Hence, the headache.

Also, we haven't had a house-cleaner in over a month since we are terminating the woman who worked for us (cussing in front of the kids, talking about her sex life in vivid terms, and not cleaning worth a darn...). The place is not clean. Not filthy, but dirty enough to stress me out. Yet, here I sit blogging about it. Flippin' awesome, isn't it?

We are hiring a new person to clean for us, but now have to clean in order for HER to come in and clean. I think this will make sense to many of you.

The classes I'm teaching this Fall start Monday at the Community College, and a week from today at the University. I'm teaching 5 total - YIKES. Thank God it's all sections of the same class - Interpersonal Communication. I'm sadly behind in my preparation, and that is stressing me a bit as well. (These 2 weeks away practically KILL me, but my kids MUST have relationships with their grandparents - it really is that important.)

So, I feel that now that I had 2 weeks away, I now need 2 weeks to recover, and it simply isn't there. My first "back-to-school" meeting is Friday, and I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp object. I also have a 3-hour "technology training" session I must attend, which to a blogger and former on-line teacher and electronic textbook author is like telling us we're going to learn how to type. Good Lord, help me not cuss.

Leaving on a happy note:

The girls went swimming in the pool most every day, got little tans, ran around naked...
We learned not to leave a naked 2 yr girl old alone with a bag of Cheetos ('nuf said)
We mail ordered caterpillars and watched them form chrysalises and then emerge into butterflies - we then released them into the backyard.
We watched videos, and ate at all my favorite restaurants while the kids were with the grandparents
We shopped at cool stores and I bought nice new teaching clothes
We ate real fresh seafood at real seafood restaurants
We took naps when we could
We watched a ton of Olympics on the 'rents big-screen TV

A good time was had by all! (And I will never again be able to eat Cheetos.)


Julie said...

YEA!!! Sounds like you had a GREAT time! So glad your back- :) I have been wondering how things were going! :)

Overwhelmed! said...

I'm so glad you had an overall good time in FL! It's nice to have you back.

SD said...

Sounds like a really nice time there. Your parents must love seeing the girls--I'm sure. Florida ia getting hammered right now so it is great you got back prior--or then you'd hate the Airline even more!! Good luck with the new school year!