Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy 36th To Me!

The sun has been shining extra bright this weekend - or at least now I notice it. For my 36th birthday today, I am newly unemployed. But I got up and had scrambled eggs with my beautiful daughter and sexy husband, played around the house a while, made a Home Depot run, picked up a birthday ice-cream cake and Penn Station subs for lunch, napped with my daughter and husband, got up and mulched every area in the yard that needed it, and came back inside just in time to watch the Preakness (and I don't even get horse racing, yet live in KY - go figure).

It has been the most wonderful birthday I can remember. I am so blessed.

I am still scared about finding a job, but we have already emailed friends and begun reaching out into our respective networks and asking people to help us. We are convinced that if we just let God direct us, we will find what it is I am supposed to do next.

My situation is not that unfamiliar. After we got married (we we living 3 states apart), I quit my job and moved to KY that June. I did not get my new job until December, yet I had faith. Funny thing is that I was not afraid then, yet I am now. But then I only had rent to pay, and only myself and my new husband to worry about. Now I have Cookie, and her future is foremost in my mind.

Meanwhile, I'm in a new year of life, and I sense the renewal and awakenings already. Some of the old that is broken I don't even want to piece back together. I'd rather many of the pieces simply turn to dust of the past. I walked away. Actually, I ran. Now, I'm resting and gearing up for all God has in store for the next 36 years, if He's willing to bless me with them. Bring it on!


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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It sounds like you had a wonderful day- minus the toe seperator- :( That cookie- she is getting so smart! At least she spit them out!