Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why I'm Here

I resigned from my job today (as opposed to waiting to be fired for questionable reasons). I hated that job for 2 1/2 years. I hated everything about it, but it was a good paycheck. TPTB (The Powers That Be) found my blog after I emailed select co-workers pictures of my child from my blog. Certain co-workers assumed that all of the posts from the last two years of my blog had been written at work. Anyone who blogs knows you can write at any time and even post from your cell phone (which I have done and still do). Anyone with half a brain also understands that the time of a post does not mean that's when the post was written. In fact, my previous blog was full of posts I had saved as drafts but never posted - either because I wasn't pleased with the quality, or it ended up being too personal, or because I never got around to finishing the ramblings I had started.

TPTB came into a meeting with me (that had been set for a week but that they refused to tell me what it was about) and had printed out my ENTIRE blog and apparently read most of it as well. These were intimate posts written about my diagnosis of PCOS, infertility, marital problems resulting from it, our decision to become foster-to-adopt parents, and posts about every child that came and went from our home. It detailed steps in my child's development (that child is now almost 17 months old), and frustrations of having her 15 months before her adoption from foster care was final. And there were posts in which I ranted about co-workers I did not care for, and my evil interpersonally inept boss. It was all laid before me. (In retrospect, I was rather proud to see it all printed out and the massive volume I had produced in a little over two years. In a way, I felt I had almost written my book.)

That happened today at 3:30. I already had my resignation letter printed out in triplicate. For some reason, I knew today would be the day I quit. Their mission to uncover everything they could use as ammunition sealed the deal, and I gave them the letter and resigned and offered 30 days. They chose not to take the 30 days.

As soon I as got home, I tried to log on to my campus email, but my account access had already been removed. I was treated as if I were a criminal (more on details of that later).

I am now unemployed. I have an MA, a child, a mortgage, college debt - and no job.

Yet, for some reason I am OK.

My husband was amazing.

He picked me up from work as I was too emotional to drive, and he said it was all fine. He didn't even look worried. We had already talked about it, and he knew I might resign anyway. He just didn't know that the evil people I worked with were so truly evil. I never had a bad review, and I always completed my work. Yet, I blogged on "the university computer". Bad, bad woman.

Actually, I blogged a lot at lunch and on breaks, at home, and on weekends. I wrote a lot on my own and simply hit "publish" at random times when I was at work. I couldn't have possibly done my job as efficiently as I did and write the volumes I had written.

Hopefully, I can transfer the previous posts from that blog over here so I still have everything in one place. Anyone know how to do that?? Julie - didn't you do that once?

So, it will be a while before I use names again, and once I get everyone over here and all my cool stuff I like, I'll just delete the old blog.

As an aside, I kinda think it's cool that if my boss read every post, that she got to read a post about how much I hate her. That is poetic justice. I always wanted to tell her I hated her. I think now she knows. She is a vile, evil woman.

Friends, I need your prayers to find work. It doesn't have to be my dream job, but I need to contribute to the family. I will work hard to make that happen. I just hope God has a plan for this next phase in life because I just really took a leap of faith.

I love you all. Thanks for coming along for this next phase of my journey.


Anonymous said...

That really sucks. You know what sucks most about it? Who cares if you wrote posts while you were at work? As long as you got your work done, who the heck cares. I mean, can people get fired for spending five minutes at the coffee pot chatting about life? Your boss sucks. I wonder if she is still reading your old blog. should let me write a guest entry. Can I? Can I, please? Can I Can I Can I?

Julie said...

I can't believe it- but I can- I am sorry this happened but glad- for you to get away from the evil- and find something new- Yea for you! praying something comes fast!!!

Yondalla said...

Wanted to let you know that I got here.

I moved many posts from my public to my private blog. It was a laborious copy and paste job. I could not find anyway to just move posts.

You can change the url and name of the old blog though. That might be an easier option

FosterAbba said...

I'm sorry that this happened. Most of the non-blogging community has no understanding of blogs, how they are done, or anything else.

That's why I try so hard to blog so anonymously.

The rest of the world hasn't really caught up with that "freedom of speech" thing, have they?

JUST A MOM said...

Well well well,, isn't it funny (NOT) how we(me too) think we are writing our feeling just for the few of us. Then some "other" people seem to get their nasty little heads into our business. But you have to know that there is something planned by God, or this would NOT have happened in the first place. Good luck and wait for THE job He has planned. Have a nice relaxing weekend.

Thanks for invitine me here. Jaye

CJ said...

I can help you move your entries to a new blog, if you'd like. You no longer have to cut and paste, you can import and export entire blogs. I've done it MANY times!

Just let me know!

I'm sorry this happened to you. I would recommend blogging anonymously and making up blog names.

I know where you're coming from. Someone is trying to use blog entries from 2001 against me in my son's custody hearing. Blog posts that were written anonymously, could have EASILY been manipulated by the parties that provided them and can't even be identified as being written by me (I have yet to see them even!)

I'm so sorry, but everything happens for a reason! Hang in there (and please email me if you want help moving your entries, changing names, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Wow....bless your little heart. What a bunch of crazies. I am glad you are out of there. I will be praying for you and a job situation. I can't believe they printed it all out and accused you of doing all of that at work! That is nuts. Lots of people check their email at work, and do lots of stuff, they were probably mad that you mentioned on the blog how nutty they were. Please don't stop blogging! You are a great writer and I think your blog is awesome. My husband moved my blog over, so if you want to ask him how to do it, email me (watermelonjessie) and I can get you his email and maybe he can walk you through it. We went from blogger to Wordpress. ** Do you want us to keep this new blog off of our blogroll to keep the crazies from following you? Or can we switch the address on the blogroll? **

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know about her already, but you might want to take a wander through the archives. She lost her job under similar circumstances a few years ago, and while its worked out for her in the end, she has some great advice about combining blogging and your real life.

Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm reminded of the saying though, "When God closes a door, he opens a window."

I pray your dream job will find you soon!

I admire your husband for being so supportive. Good on him!

WyldJoker said...

that is just SO crazy! I'm sorry about hearing about your job. But just like our situation God has bigger and better plans for you guys. Keep on writting!

PS:: did you ever figure out how to move your posts? I'm in the same situation as you are sort of.

TeamWinks said...

This EXACT same thing happened to me. EXACT. I would blog on my lunch hour. My boss didn't like it. So, he printed the entire thing, which only said nice things about the ass, and told me I had to go. He couldn't have somebody more concerned with blogging in the office than getting work done. Ummmm, right. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact I threw a HUGE stink about not wanting to and refusing to participate in morning prayer meetings. I'm also sure it had nohting to do with the fact I refused to let him put a cross on my wall, because I found a marketing board to more effective. Uh huh.

Makes me wish I had blogged about what a dipshit he was. Good for you!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your job. I just found your new blog today or else I would have written sooner. I hope you find a new job soon, and a better one.

GLouise said...

I can't believe it! How truly awful of your company.... GRRRRR. Is there a "no internet" policy at your former office? If not, I just can't believe how they could justify this.
Most companies don't care about employees being online as long as they are getting their work done!!! Trusting that you'll find your dream job soon...Take care,

Runergirl said...

I am so sorry! Some eople really have no lives and need drama to feel good about themselves. I especially love that your boss got to read in print that he SUCKS. I wanted to e-mail you previously, but didn't have your e-mail. I am so glad I found you on another blog and knew it was you with the new title. I love your blog and writing style so glad to have you back!