Thursday, July 19, 2007

Date Night

Last night was "date night" for Michael and I, and it was truly enjoyable in it's simplicity. We went to Olive Garden for dinner as we hadn't been there in at least a year or more. Afterwards, we went across the street to Target for a little browsing as adults.

It's amazing how invigorating time together as adults without your child can be. It's highly underrated. We spend so much energy seeing to Cookie's needs that we put ours on the back burner far too often.

I thought last night about how nice it was to not talk about deep things, how nice a hot meal was uninterrupted by food sailing through the air and a whining child, and how nice my husband is to look at across the table.

We hadn't had a date night in a long, long time. But those 3 hours were so relaxing.

We're going to be leaving soon to spend a little over 2 weeks in Florida at my parent's place. Mom has set up the computer space and office area for Michael to write on some research he's been needing to work on, and mom and dad will be taking Cookie out for regular adventures and photography sessions with Grandpa. While we're there, we're welcome to come and go as we please - taking day excursions, or even short trips to other Florida locales. Last night really hit home how much I'm looking forward to getting help with Cookie and the opportunity to be alone with my husband from time to time.

Oh, and Cookie's personalized luggage arrived today - her little pink and black suitcase with "Mia" embroidered on the front, and her toiletry bag with "Cookie" embroidered on it, and lunch tote with "Cookie" on it (I have to give time to both her name and nickname - especially since my parents only call her "Cookie", and I pretty much call her "Mia Cookie", or just "Mia"). If you're interested in personalized things for your kids, I used Lillian Vernon online. I think everything turned out just great.

I'm now going to go act like I'm being productive today.


Julie said...

THat sounds great- I am so glad ya'll got some time- sounds like things are turning around for you two?

curious servant said...

Sounds great!

Say, I passed twice through your town this past week.

Funny how it would seem creepy to look you up, but here on the internet we can share all kinds of joys and sorrows and never think twice about it.

At any rate, I was near and I thought about you and your family.

God bless, sis.

Overwhelmed! said...

Good for you for having a "date night" with your husband. Oronzo and I went out last Friday night. We got a sitter to come watch Snuggle Bug and we left after we had gotten him in to bed. We saw a movie and it was great!

Hope you're having a wonderful time with your parents in FL!

I'll have to check out the personalized luggage idea. :)

curious servant said...

I'm just passing through again. Thanks for the reminder about a date night.

It is time for Brenda and I to do that.

In fact... I am going to go talk to her about it now.

God bless my friend!