Sunday, December 9, 2007

Honey Bun's Progress

At a little over 4 months old now, Honey Bun has one tooth fully erupted and it's neighbor tooth is about to push through. The drool is incredible!

In addition, we finally have roll-over. She started rolling over last week - about the same time the first tooth came through. Now she rolls over like a champ, and it seems like every time we check on her in the night she is asleep on her tummy (though we always put her down on her back). We don't bother to put her back now that she's so strong.

She's reaching out and grabbing things like toys on a toy bar now, and struggling to get things just out of reach.

She "talks" like crazy and smiles constantly with her whole face. She's just beautiful.

We don't have to wrap her into a baby burrito as much anymore. She seems to be quite peaceful.

Bath time is still a lot of work. Her last bath was the first one in her short little life that she didn't scream until she was beet red. She stared cautiously, but was still not happy about the whole thing. I've never seen a baby not love a bath, so I'm at a loss for how to make it better for her. I'm just assuming she'll outgrow the fear.

She's still pretty tiny - just now getting into the 3-6 month gear. She goes for her 4-month checkup and shots later this week, so we'll see how she's doing size-wise then.

Other than that, we're still praying for a speedy case.

Cookie will turn 2 on December 20th. Amazing how time has flown.


TeamWinks said...

2 already?! Wow!

Lucky hated baths until we put a warm washcloth over him the entire time. It wasn't that he was cold, but more of a security thing. I hope you find something that works for her soon.

I'm sure your Christmas this year will be quite exciting!

Julie said...

G is going through a phase of hating baths too right now- I don't know what it is- She loved them for a long time now all the sudden she won't sit down. So I bath her quickly standing up. It does make for a quick bath time but I hope she grows out of this soon!
I can't beleive Cookie is 2!!! That is just too much- time has definately flown- and HB is rolly polly ollie! LOVE THAT!! Not to worry on the sleeping on her belly- my doctor said as long as she can raise her head- she is fine- G did that very early and would not sleep on her back.
What are the girls getting for Christmas? and did you do holiday pics?

S. said...

Ah...the bath issues-yep--we know what you mean. We have 2 little ones here right now-both a little over 3 months-(not related to each other) but the one little girl loves the bath! The little boy hates it! Screams the whole time-he was the only baby we knew who did not like it either. So...there is another baby for you who can't stand it. Yes our little girl here is quite tiny too---just barely into 3-6 months size also-but don't worry. I am sure your little beauty is just fine.

GLouise said...

Ah, how great to check in and hear that things are going so well!

Our little one is maybe a week younger than your Honey Bun. She was always a little afraid of the bath until I took one with her, then she loved splashing. Not sure if that would help, but thought I would share!