Thursday, January 31, 2008

Growing Blogroll & SW Update

I've updated my blog links here, and wanted to let you know so you could check them out as well. There are many new blogs out there written by folks who are awaiting placements, matches, or deep in the trenches of fostering and/or adopting. If you, too, would like to be added to the blogroll, or I have left you off (because I will forever be a space cadet on some level), PLEASE leave a comment and tell me about yourself so I can add you to my list!

Oh, and Bit-Bit's SW came by. Even though she never met my oldest daughter until last month, she suggested I have her evaluated for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I was insulted and mad as hell. Her business is NOT my daughter who is now ALL MINE. HER business is my now foster-daughter. Period. (Oh, and my daughter does not in any way, shape, or form have FAS. And I am not looking to "diagnose" any of her quite typical 2-year old behaviors, thank you very much.)

We also have a new R&C worker, who also had never met my oldest daughter, who attempted to on-the-spot diagnose her with "sensory issues". Uh-huh. Insulting at a minimum. Dangerous at its worst. Imagine if I were an idiot who follows every suggestion offered by minimally educated busy-bodies. Those of you who have followed my story forever, or who know me IRL, know Cookie has neither of these issues. She is two, and brilliant, and needs cognitive stimulation because of that. I think that's fabulous.

Do you know how many kids are medicated now and on serious psychotropic medications? If you don't, you really owe it to yourself to find out. I will tell you that the diagnosis being given out to very young children (as young as 2) now disorder. The fastest growing childhood diagnosis. And yes, the same medication given to adults for the disorder is being prescribed to children in lesser doses. It makes me want to vomit.

Bit-Bit's biomom and legal dad have both now been served papers at their respective places of incarceration. Biomom has 22 days with which to respond, but it won't matter anyway. We are just waiting for the court date for TPR to be assigned now. SW says her best guess is that it will be around the end of March. That is excellent news. Of course, all this is still too slow for me.

Bit-Bit is now sitting up for long periods of time all by herself. She isn't crawling yet, but is doing plenty of rolling and "launching" herself around the room. "Launching" is done by getting up on her hand and knees, rocking back and forth very fast, and suddenly thrusting herself forward in a belly-flop in the direction she wants to go in. I happen to think this is quite inventive!


TeamWinks said...

Bi-polar two year olds? Give me a break!

Julie said...

That is insane- she was just trying to be a know it all- blah blah blah. You know your girls- :)

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my post!!! I am honored to be on your blog list! I have been reading your blog since last summer and I love it! I think that your bit-bit is only about 1 week younger then my Lilo. Our TPR date is set for Apirl 1st--I cannot wait until till then!!

Runergirl said...

WOW! Those are some pretty heavy statements. It's a good thing you know better:)

Ms. J said...

Came across your blog recently and enjoy it immensely. We are in the process of a China adoption, and recently signed up to be on the list for a (local) domestic adoption with Catholic Charities. TRYING to stay positive on my end (some days better than others, grrr).

KrazyMom said...

Isn't it sad that children are so quickly "diagnosed" and medicated anymore? I am not saying that some children don't need it, but not near as many as they claim! I am glad you stand firm on it. You know those girls better than anyone!

Sad that the papers had to be sent to two places of incarceration. Sure hope that the process goes smoothly and quickly for you.

Bit Bit's launching move cracks me up! Now that is one determined child! :)

CA Momma said...

Heck with those people!

Bit-Bit's sounds like she wants to skip walking and start running!

Dream Mommy said...

I asked the developmental ped. about if Smiley had FAS and she said it's almost impossible to diagnose unless mom admits to drinking, so don't worry about it.

jessie s said...

What a jerk! Who in their right mind would go to someone's house and say "Hey, by the way, I think your kid should be tested for fetal alcohol syndrome." I agree with runergirl, proud of you for not listening to it!

FosterMom said...

I love your list of kids book we like - mind if I jack it and put my own list on my blog?

BTW, we are getting Daniel tested for FASD- his ethanol levels were through the roof at birth, and he is starting to exhibit some signs that he could have FASD. With God's grace, I'm praying that he won't be found to be very highly affected.

Overwhelmed! said...

I think there is some serious over-diagnosis/labeling going on these days, especially in the foster care system. Good for you for sticking up for Cookie. YOU know her best, not them! And as you said, she's yours now and it's none of their business!

Wow, you're getting really close to TPR, how wonderful for your family! I pray that there are no appeals to slow the process down. Thanks for keeping us posted!