Tuesday, January 22, 2008

URGENT Advice Needed!

Just got a call informing me that Bit-Bit was accidentally given the wrong bottle at daycare...of breastmilk!!! They were extremely apologetic and the worker has been suspended (which breaks my heart, b/c she LOVES Bit-Bit and Bit-Bit loves her, and they all said it was just a freak mistake. I know, a potentially dangerous mistake. *sigh*

Anyway, now I must call pediatrician, etc.

But anyone know of dangers? Communicable diseases? I know, our pediatrician will know more, but it is 5:50 and I couldn't reach my husband by phone on his way to pick up the girls.

Any advice for how to proceed, if anything?

Please help.

I don't want to tell my mom in FL, although she would have good advice.

Should I call the social worker?



Patti Money said...

The day care should know whose breastmilk Bit-Bit received. That will help immensely. I would get on the phone (tomorrow) with your pedi's office and/or a Lactation Consultant and find out what diseases could pass through breastmilk. Then, find out if the other mother has any of these diseases. If need be, have the daycare pay for her to be tested (it was their mistake, after all). Also, find out what medications she takes, if any. Again, ask your pedi or an LC about the "lactation risk" of those medications. Then you'll have all the information you need, and the pedi can advise you what to do.

The good news; most likely, everything will have been fine, and this can be chalked up to harmless human error. But I agree with you that you should investigate the risks and act accordingly. Hope that helps!

S. said...

Yes- the Day care should know. Then you'll know of any risks (if any) there are certain Meds/Drugs that pass thru---and Antibodies the Mom has---usually good. But what is done is done as far as any exposure. I'd be willing to wager this is a healthy Mom and she was most likely notified. If they are not able to tell you whose breast milk was given I would turn the center in for sure. Since the worker was suspended-that is too bad, but at least it was not covered up! That says alot about the saftey and honesty of your daycare. I really feel the Mom will turn out to be healthy and Bit-Bit will be just fine. People and kids are exposed to bugs and germs everyday and it makes for strong immunity! But I would have things checked out for saftey-just for reassurance.

S. said...

Oh, and the Social Worker question? I think if it was me--I would let the Social Worker be aware ONLY IF NEED BE. IF THERE IS CAUSE FOR WORRY then I would report it. I doubt anything will come of it. It seems whenever I tell them every needless detail---it complicates things or turns into a federal case-for no reason. That is just my opinion-less is more. Try not to worry!

TeamWinks said...

I hope everything works out to be just fine. Keep us updated!

Yondalla said...

I don't disagree with any of the comments above. Do what you need to be certain.

But don't worry about it. Most medications that come through the breast milk come in very small doses and it is the accumulative affect that makes a difference. One bottle would not include a significant amount.

Most diseases that can get passed through would come along with the antibodies to fight them. One of the advantages of being a breast feeding mom is that you baby is less likely to get sick as he or she is getting a dose of the antibodies mom is producing in response to whatever she is exposed to.

Of course you need to be careful, but your kid is more likely to get sick from being around the other kids.

So...check it out, but don't worry. It is more likley that the baby was slightly aided by some antibodies than harmed by any medication or illness.

Julie said...

No advice- just prayers- and good to read all the information people told you! :)

Amanda said...

I have no advice here, though I might disagree with the "don't call the worker" recommendation. I tend to err on the side of document everything as a CYA...

And, even though this is a stereotype, I would suspect that a mom who goes to the trouble to express milk and bring to daycare is probably not taking anything that could be harmful, to her child or yours. But I would check just to be sure of course!

KrazyMom said...

You are having quite the rough week! I agree with the other advice you have already been given. If this particular mom cares enough to breastfeed solely, she is most likely very conscious of what she is taking and passing on to her infant. I would insist on speaking with her (even if just over the phone) to find out if there are any perscriptions she is on, etc...though you are not guaranteed she will be honest, it really seems that anything that had been passed to Bit-bit would have been such a low dose in that one time serving that she should be okay.

As for your social worker question, I would at least document it...go with your gut feeling as to whether to report it to them or not. I run a licensed daycare myself and would suggest that you demand your daycare reports this to their licensing consultant. Mistakes happen, but this way it is on file for you if you run into problems in Bit-bits system from said feeding.

It does say a lot about your daycare. I would think that many would try to hide that mistake from you, so they did the absolute right thing and for that you should find comfort!

Overwhelmed! said...

Okay, first of all I'm confused. Is Bit-Bit a new nickname for Honey Bun?

Now, as for my advice for the situation you posted about.

I don't think the breast milk will be harmful but I think it's probably a good idea to notify the social worker in advance, just in case. This was an honest mistake and I see no way in which you could be held responsible for this.

Let us know how it all goes!

P.S. I like your new blog design.