Tuesday, February 26, 2008

30 Day Sex Challenge

So this church in FL (Ibor City, I think), is doing a "30 Day Sex Challenge" - challenging married folks to have sex every day for 30 days, and challenging single folks to abstain for 30 days.

Um, if you had asked me to abstain for 30 days, I'd have a better shot.

We are swamped, and when bedtime comes, the bed is all I'm thinking about.

I'm also wondering about what day 27 is like, assuming you make it that far on the challenge. Do you both look at each other, and psych yourself up thinking "Only 3 more days to go!" Or, would it be good?

We are considering doing it. For 30 days straight.

And to be very blunt, what about the days you're on your period? I guess the challenge assumes you're still doin' the deed. Maybe doin' it in the shower on those days. I dunno.

I'd love to hear your opinions on this.

Oh, and I wonder what they would suggest my gay and lesbian friends do? Many of them are married, or in a married relationship. Hmm.


Julie said...

I hope you DO this challenge!!! I will easily do it- :) not too difficult - sadly! ha!

Runergirl said...

Thye probably don't recognize gay/lesbians. My husband and I pretty much do it everyday...I know we are sick; so does that mean we would have to stop?

KrazyMom said...

Sound like a good idea, hubby would love it, just not so sure I would have the energy for 30 days straight after keeping up with seven kids all day!!!

Overwhelmed! said...

Hah! We're doing good to have sex once a week these days and we have to schedule it to make that happen! I don't think every day for 30 days is realistic for us. Let me know if you try!