Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lessons In Parenting

The fastest way to get Cookie to take her bath:
Me: "OK, time to give Bit-Bit her bath."
Cookie: "NOOOOOO!! MY TURN take bath! (runs upstairs and into the bathroom)

The fastest way for my husband to make me do something:
Him: "OK, Cookie, I'm going to help you get dressed."
Cookie: "NOOOOO!! Mommy do dat. Mommy do dat."

The fastest way for us to get Cookie to eat something:
start eating it ourselves without saying a word and not put any on her plate
Cookie: "Cookie have some! Cookie have some!"

The second fastest way for us to get Cookie to eat something:
Me: "I'm going to put these pieces of cheese out in case a mouse comes by."
Cookie: "Yeah! Mouse comes! Mouse comes!" (eats cheese) "Mouse came out!"

The fastest way to wash Cookie's booty in the tub:
Me: "Hey, Cookie, you gonna go swimmin'?"
Cookie: "Swimmin'!" (flops onto her belly to "swim")
Take soapy washcloth to child's booty when she's not expecting it

The fastest way to ruin Cookie's appetite:
Give in to her protests for "Care Bear snacks" (essentially gummy bears marketed as "fruit snacks" - I bet original gummy bears have less sugar.)

The fastest way to get Cookie to reject eating dinner:
Spend an extraordinary amount of time preparing it precisely to her liking


Julie said...

LOL- that cookie! too cute