Friday, December 26, 2008

Enormous Thanks

To everyone who prayed for me, and for my husband, and for my family - thanks just isn't enough. I am doing better. I am relieved that the semester is over, and am anxious for the chance to do a better job next semester with 4 classes on a MWF only schedule. This past semester tanked, and for someone who puts her heart and soul into her teaching, that was a big letdown.

Marriage is - interesting. Things are going well right now - but hopefully you'll pardon the skepticism. Anyone can make short-term changes.

The big news is that Michael will be interviewing at Big-Southern-University in a very southern state. Roll tide. We are both very excited to see if that is where God wants us to go next. If not, we are cool. It is nice to be OK with whatever happens. His interview is the 2nd week on January, and we should know within a few weeks after that if there is an offer to consider. That being said, we'll likely know by March if life is going to dramatically change, or if life will go on here in the Bluegrass.

Mia turned 3 last week. My baby is no longer a baby. She's tall and thin, and can carry on a conversation better than most adults I know. She is so intelligent that is scares us most days, and challenges us constantly.

Rebekah was baptized on the Sunday before Christmas, and my parents and brother and sister-in-law drove all the way from Florida for it all. She got to wear her sister's baptism gown, and was absolutely beautiful in it. She even waved at the audience from up on the stage. She is still quite small - just getting into size 18 mo. clothes at 17 months of age. She is still quiet, and not using words, but quietly babbling about all kinds of things. Even though we have not taught her baby sign language, she has picked up quite a bit of it from other kids in her room at daycare, so it's funny to see her do all the little signs for things even when she doesn't speak the word.

Here's a couple pics. I'll try to get better at posting. It seems that now many folks I know IRL and in my church know about my blog, so I imagine posts may be more tame. I wish I could post more anonymously and therefore more freely, but I'm more than a bit embarrassed to discover so many folks who read my blog. It's likely that this scared me away from posting for so long. I may start another blog where I write the more edgy/feminist/venty things. If so, I'll post here with a link for you to go to find out the address.

Thanks again for the support though this very tough time. I do now believe in post-adoption depression as a form of postpartum. I'm getting better. Here's the two main reasons why:


JUST A MOM said...

I am happy to see you posting,, the girls are beautiful and getting so big... I have started a private vent let my heart out keep me a bit sane blog myself so I stotaly know what your tlaking... keep yoru chin up and IF you do start a new blog we might be in the same boat only about 20 years differance. have a great and safe holiday.

SD said...

So cool-your back!
I just posted a comment guessing you were done with your blog! The pictures are great the girls are getting so big! Our little girl (not adopted as of yet)-is about the same age as your baby and she is only getting into 18 months size now too, no real words either and she quietly babbles, but fully understands every word we say to her- she is also just very tiny and quiet. The Doctor thinks she is doing just fine and very intelligent-sometimes those little ones are too busy just absorbing everything, and really don't care to verbally express themselves yet. Good luck with the possible changes with Hubby's job, and I am sure just teaching M-W-F will be such a good break.

FosterMom said...

So glad to hear that you are doing better. And the girls are just beautiful. Daniel turns 3 on Monday, and we're having his birthday party on Sunday. Hang in there, keep praying, and hopefully I'll see you posting more soon!

Dream Mommy said...

Good luck with the job situation. If you make a move down south, we'll have to meet to visit.

In Due Time said...

So good to see you posting again. The girls are getting so big! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited I found your blog again, after loosing it in cyber space for some time. Congrats on finalizing bit-bits adoption. I'm so happy for your family.

Amanda said...


If you do start that other blog, you might not want to post the link here... just saying.

But if you do start that other blog, I would really love to still read and since I don't know you IRL, I think that would be OK. So please, please send me the link if you do :-)

Marthavmuffin said...

So glad you are back, but Amanda is right...maybe you could email us (your blogging pals) the new URL and not post it here. I would love to follow and add my support.

You just went through a very stressful time in your life. I think adoption is like other positive life changing events and that depression often follows a big change. I know I was down for a while when I bought my first house, and whne I first moved to Florida and those were 2 of the best decisions I ever made.

I hope your relationships continue to improve and that your girls continue to flourish. Congrats on Bitbit!

Julie said...

Yea your back!! I have been praying for you guys- I trust God will keep His hand on ya'll! I am excited about M's interview- that is cool! Not too close here but oh well. :) God is good... All the time.

Julie said...

Oh- and the girls are just beautiful!!!

brittanielovessparky said...

Totally start teaching her baby sign language! It's so worth it to do yourself!

TeamWinks said...

It would be great to have you here in this great southern town! I have my fingers selfishly crossed! :-)