Monday, November 26, 2007

Court Today

Today Honey Bun's social worker goes before the judge to determine if all is in order to request a date for the TPR hearing. I'm praying the DNA test results have been processed. I'm praying for wisdom for the SW and the judge. I'm praying there are no surprises.

Tomorrow morning the SW comes to our house for her monthly home visit. I scheduled it that way on purpose.

Honey Bun will be 4 months old on Friday. I'm grateful so much is going on that is on her behalf, and that it is happening so quickly (compared to the vast majority of states and cases going on today).


Julie said...

I am praying too!!! I hope things work out the way they should!! Come on God- !! :)

Amanda said...

Note to self: become scheduling guru like Cookie's mom:-)

So hoping things go well today. Will be checking A LOT to find out!

S. said...

Our County's Childrens Bureau is slow compared to what is happening with you!! You are so lucky. We have 2 situations of possible adoptions...basically we have been told they would be adoptable-but without a 100% guarantee of course(but that is a LOT more hope given to us than any other kids that came to us and then left)We are hopeful but...Our one case is very similar to your little one, and visits are assigned and continue. No plans for at least 12 months for them to even think of filing for termination. Though we do have about a 60% adoption rate....BUT SO SLOW! I am praying for you that good news comes and things go fast.