Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No News Is Good News

SW visited this morning, and court was uneventful. The DNA test results are not back yet, and she still has to go through the entire case file to complete the required paperwork for TPR (why she hasn't done that yet is beyond me). Alleged biodad has had no contact with the cabinet, and the biomom asked her social worker if the baby was OK and where she was. She was told that the baby is doing fine and with her sister in the adoptive family. Hopefully that will be enough to convince her to voluntarily relinquish rights this time. I would have thought the 3rd time would have been a charm, but maybe the 4th will be different. No more court dates are scheduled as we simply have to wait for DNA results and the social worker to put together the paperwork. I hate waiting.


Julie said...

My goodness- that is not the news I was looking for- :( but I guess the bm news is good- :)

S said...

Well, it sounds uneventful yes-but at least things are planned for you-meaning her goal is adoption? Ours is never adoption, always reunification with "concurrent planning" of adoption. So it really drags. Sounds like things will still go so much faster than other places. Some in our County still wait over 2 yrs!!! She is not going anywhere--she is where she belongs. Try and hang in there. Your Christmas will be so much fun with them together this year!

Overwhelmed! said...

I'm sorry you're still waiting! I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers!

Speaking of waiting, we've been waiting and waiting for our first placement and we just got her...last night at 1:30 AM! Hooray! :)

Of course, I've posted about it.