Friday, March 21, 2008

4 Years

Wed. and Thurs. of this week marked 4 years of marriage for Michael and I. All together, we've been a couple for about 7 years. It's pretty amazing to think about what we've accomplished in 4 years of marriage: we each moved to new states with new jobs, fostered 5 children, adopted one with another adoption in the works, bought a new house and our first new car together, and still managed to come out of it in one piece!

It hasn't been an easy 4 years, but it's been adventurous. I can't imagine having spent it with anyone else. I'm the most "provided for" woman I know, despite the fact that we make less than others. If there is something I need, or even want, Michael seems to find a way to make it happen. In fact, most of the time I don't even have to ask. That's pretty amazing.

Michael is the BEST father I could have even dreamed up. He's attentive, nurturing, compassionate, and playful. The things I discover that he has taught the girls are endless. They are crazy about him, and watching them together is a joy.

In 4 more years, both girls will be in school, and life will likely have taken on entirely new perspectives. My feelings on that? Bring it on!


Julie said...

Congrats! I am so happy to hear things are still going strong. Marriage is hard- from what I understand- and you just have to work at it! I am happy that you are happy. And that those girls have a wonderful daddy!!!

Amanda said...


S. said...

Yes- marriage is always something to work at---but it is a good feeling to succeed--THE BEST! ....and time flies too-I remeber our 4 yr very very different our lives were then. Now 14 yrs later,and all the life changes we have seen so -but the yrs just keep getting better and better---not always smooth of course---but a great accomplishement to get thru it all--like you said "still in one piece" congrats to you-just roll with the punches when things go bad and you'll get thru it!!--and It is awesome to hear what a great Daddy the girls have!! Have a Great Easter!