Monday, March 10, 2008

WW Update

-19.5 pounds
Wow, I can hardly believe it.
Still, my boobs seem to be the exact same size. *sigh*
I think this pretty much accounts for all the weight I've gained since Cookie came into our lives.
Another 20 pounds and I'll be down to what I weighed when Michael and I hooked up 7 years ago.
Astonishing, really.
I have a very long weight loss road that remains ahead.
My biggest fear is that I'll give up at some point like I always have.
As an undergraduate, I got down to 125. I think I stayed at that weight for 2 weeks. It was grueling to keep my weight down.
But I started WW this time weighing 245.2.
That's a lot of excess weight.
At least now I am in the 220's. I needed to admit that here, for some unknown reason.
I know I am a food addict. I self-medicate with food. I obsess about food. But now my addiction is under control. But I will always be an addict.


Ms. J said...

GOOD FOR YOU. GIRL! I was a WW gal, too. Lost 70 pounds, and have kept off 68 for the past 4 years (I was 216 at my heaviest). I share this so you know that I know just how hard you are working!!! If you need encouragement, feel free to get in touch with me :o)

Julie said...

WOW- YOUR DOING SO GREAT!!!! It is hard I know but your doing so good! Yippee!!!

Runergirl said...

Great job!!!!! That is inspiring:)

S said...

Keep it up! You can do it!!--some say the trick is watching yourself reach small goals...seeing the good progress. (It keeps you motivated) I think part of the key--is really REALLY wanting to make a true lifestyle change. Sticking with it-when you reach that point then it does not seem like a temporary weight loss thing and over time you'll see you kept alot off!--Permanently!! (at least that's how it is for me)