Thursday, March 27, 2008

Social Workers

Love you guys, (OK, maybe not love per se) but I will be so happy when we don't have to have monthly visits for Bit-Bit as well as quarterly visits by our R&C worker. I look forward to these monthly visits just about as much as I look forward to my period. It's just inconvenient. You have to stop everything you are doing. You have to clean up more than usual. It stinks.

See, it is like getting your period.

Bit-Bit's worker visits tonight. There's not going to be any news as TPR isn't until April 29th, so this visit is especially inconvenient.

I swear that Cookie thinks babies come from social workers. :)


Julie said...

That is the part I will not miss about fostering- the random visits to my home. I am cracking up that Cookie thinks babies come from social workers- that is HILARIOUS! and a bit sad. :(

Overwhelmed! said...

We just had a visit from Boo's CPS worker yesterday afternoon. I deliberately scheduled it on the day that the cleaning people would be cleaning our house. I made sure the CPS worker wasn't due to arrive until well after the cleaning people would be gone.

Tomorrow we have Boo's lawyer coming for an in-home visit so we'll have to straighten things up once again. We've never met Boo's lawyer so I'm not sure what to expect from her. Hopefully she'll at least shed some light on what we can expect at her next court date in early April.

I remember feeling RELIEVED when we finalized Snuggle Bug's adoption because then we were able to function as a "normal" family without constant visits from strangers. It's hard to believe we signed up for an even longer period of this as foster parents.

I, too, will be happy when the day comes where we no longer have to have these visits. We have a long wait ahead of us before that will happen. I hope your wait is short!

Dream Mommy said...

K's worker is the worst. She's nice, but goes on and on about all her other kids and will talk non-stop about nothing. I won't miss those either, but I'm probably stuck another few years since all my babies keep leaving.

TeamWinks said...

I could go for a boring social worker visit. I soooo hate our social workers right now.

Darla said...

That analagy is so perfect. The boys social worker always came in the morning about 7:00 a.m. before I went to work... A couple times she took them to daycare on the way back to the office. Till this day Adrian will say remember that really big lady that came to visit & I had to ride in her car it was so gross... Her car was so filthy it should have been condemned but yet she was checking on me *lol*

Rina Larina said...

Sending good thoughts your way!!

Kara said...

Just came across your blog and I love it. We are just getting approved for our homestudy (April 18th- YIKES).

I can't wait to read your other posts, I will add you to my blog-roll for sure.

Thanks- Kara

Jess said...

My girl friend adopted from Africa, we are in the process of becoming Foster-Parents, hoping to Adopt. My 3 year old keeps say we are getting her brother from Africa. I am sure when some lady shows up with a little boy she will think the same think.
Very cute!