Sunday, August 24, 2008


The last steps are ahead of us in Bit-Bit's adoption. The Petition for Adoption has been filed by our attorney, and we received a copy of that in the mail as well as the request to appoint a Guardian ad Litem. The note from our attorney said if we did not hear from him in two weeks, that we should call him (or our attorney so she can call him). The appointment document was dated August 20th, so I'll be waiting at least another week before I get antsy.

That does take out the possibility of a Sept. court date. Our judge only does adoptions on the first Friday of each month. So, we are still hoping for Oct. 2nd. However, it took 2 weeks from the filing of the Petition for Adoption for the courts to assign the GAL, so knowing that, it may be that we will have to wait for the November court date.

Officially, the GAL has 90 days from the time they meet with you and the child to file their report with the court. Cookie's GAL had it filed within the week. I have no idea who this GAL is, though I will ask our adoption worker next week when she comes for her monthly visit.

Have I said lately I am SICK OF SOCIAL WORKER VISITS??? I am. I'm tired of paperwork, answering hundreds of questions that are repetitious, poorly worded, and that address the most unimportant of issues for our children. I just want to be "normal" again.

When Bit-Bit's adoption is over, we are closing our home. I can keep track of our kids' birthmom's incarceration and parole hearings online. Perhaps in a couple of years, if we still are in KY and she makes parole, we'll get re-certified and get back in touch with the cabinet just in case. But then again, maybe we won't.

To be honest, I'm looking forward to opportunities to consider leaving Kentucky. I just want to look for other possibilities. Michael is applying for 3 positions in 3 other states this fall (so far). They are all in the formative state right now, but I look forward to the possibility of considering a move. Even if nothing pans out, it still keeps things interesting.

I'm officially tired of waiting for this second adoption to be over. This time it's kinda anti-climactic. We already know the drill, and she's already our daughter. Just ready to not be under a microscope anymore. You feel kinda squished.


Rebecca said...

I could not have said it better! I can't wait for the day I can say good-bye to foster care! I love adopting--just not through foster care!

Julie said...

I must say- that I am jealous- I am so happy for you- that the light at the at the end of the tunnel is there- but sad that it is not coming sooner!! I do wish I could have an end to my situation sooner rather than later too- ugh! At least I don't have the lovely cws in my life- :) that is a blessing!!!! I pray they get off their booties and get your papers pushed through and put an end to this for you all!!! :)

SD said...

Oh! I do know how you feel with the CW visits!!! Even more bothersome when we have to add therpy visits and case managers into the mix for our little guy. I don't know why it takes so long to adopt in your state (and others) In our State-we have an investigator assigned-once decided abuse/neglect took place-the baby or child is removed and placed to the foster home. After the shelter and adjunication hearings happen if deemed the baby is staying in foster care, then the investigator signs off and a permanent caseworker is assigned and a Guardian Ad Litem is there from the get-go! If after it is determined the case plan is not going to be completed, and the 6 month review hearings come and go, and if a TPR is on the horizon----the paperwork has already begun! The same caseworker from the beginning stays on thru the adoption! Our adoption went from a termination in mid June to adopted by August! We already finalized and we have families who finalized in just about a week over the appeal time of a TPR which is 30 days in our State. It is quick and SMOOTH!!! But I will say one thing----our State will take a longer time for a TPR-totally! That way they make very certain little grounds for an appeal would happen. So I guess that is why they are slower pre-TPR but much faster to adopt! I hope the days count down fast for you!! We are on the fence also about ending this soon (we have one more here still placed) Hoping to adopt her. The adoption subsidy/assistance is a pain in the A__ __ here though! We have a special needs kid with some delays, drug exposure and some medical problems and they deemed him ineligible for any cash-just medical coverage---now we have to argue it with the county about why he is entitled according to the state criteria. Ugh!

Marthavmuffin said...

Yeah that microscope is pretty powerful, it can be bothersome. We had thought of keeping our license active as Jamies' birthmom just may do the same thing again. (Jamie was her second child= the first is being raised by Jamies birthgrandma) I just didn't want to continue hoop-jumping. I am calling the CW now and then to check to see if she is pg or in the radar. Oh and I can so relate to the defiance issues with a two year old!