Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A General Update

Still no housecleaner. I need to look harder. House is filthy. Carpets are being cleaned on Monday, as well as sofa. That will feel like a start.

Not sleeping well - both kid-os very restless and waking up every hour it seems.

Teaching 5 classes already feels insane. But the insanity feels good. I feel like I'm truly contributing to the household again. Any work-outside-the-home moms identify with the need?

I have an actual OFFICE again here on campus - one I share with two other very nice part-time faculty members. Michael and our friend Mina helped me paint it. It looks wonderful and smells like fresh paint (which I kinda like).

Back on Weig*t Watc*ers again. Dang it. I apparently partied this summer something awful and gained a whole heck of lot back again. I'm still under where I was before, but was woefully unaware of just how out of hand my weight had gotten yet again. It feels like a big failure, but I am glad to be back on track. With 5 classes, I've not much time to eat, so I think I'll do pretty well this semester again. Summer darn near killed me with being home so much.

My goal - 25 pounds gone by the end of this semester (mid-December). That way, when Christmas comes, if I eat a goodie or two I won't bust out of my jeans.

Marriage - OK (I think). Sadly enough, there isn't much time to talk or even reflect and it seems that kids take some of the joy of your marriage away (even though they bring their own new joys to the table). I miss our time together and it seems we've lost the ability to have a decent conversation with each other. We try. It is just SO HARD.

No word from Bit-Bit's GAL yet. I'll call our adoption worker later this week if I still haven't heard anything from him.

Life as a whole is good, even though so much seems in great disarray at the moment.

I still wish my house was clean. I need a solid 3 days with no kids and nothing else to do in order to get it in the shape I'd like. Oh how I wish I had help. We may just have to hire a babysitter or cancel class one day so the kids can be at daycare and I can work on the house. I don't know how folks do it, I really don't. is good. It really is.


JUST A MOM said...

PLEASE PLEASE TAKE IT FROM ME,,,,,, MAKE the time Make sure YOU tow have time alone and just DO IT JUST DO NOT MAKE OR LET ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY... we have our 30 year next tuesday,,,, and we live in the same house but ummmmmmm I think we don't even like each other any more.. please make the time.

Julie said...

I agree with just a mom- too many couples don't and it gets bad. Call Merry Maids and get the house cleaned- you will feel better- or do what i am doing- just move- lol! Glad to hear life is good- hope things settle down so you can enjoy each other!

jessie said...

Hope you get the housecleaning figured out! I understand how you feel, it just seems overwhelming sometimes and like you're running in circles. Take time for just the two of you, someday the kids will be grown up and it will just be the two of you again.

Runergirl said...

I was just saying how i need a housecleaner!!!! I understand the "ned" to work/contribute, it is just something for yourself:)