Sunday, September 7, 2008

Please Let It Be October

GAL came out on Sat., which means he files his paperwork and we wait for a court date. Our judge does them once a month, so the next date is October 3rd. If we don't get on the docket, we'll have to hope for November. We are so tired of all this. Really. Freakin'. Tired.

In more news, Cookie had to have an abscess removed from her posterior. ER, sedation, and recovery were our weekend. She is fine - just very sore and on massive antibiotics that we have to practically shove down her throat b/c juice and chocolate milk don't mask the taste enough and she's older and wiser. She WILL NOT take it on her own. And one is 4 times a day. This for 10 days may kill us.

No one in our house has gotten any rest to speak of.

So. Tired.


Julie said...

OH MY! I am glad Cookie is okay- that is scary!!!!!1

SD said...

Oh poor Cookie! The medicine sounds tricky. I have a little Niece about the same age....and she is soooo tough also when it comes to having to take any medicine. Really difficult. Sometimes the pharmacist can come up with other ideas, change the flavor for example. Maybe worth a try to check that out. Good luck on that. I hope the time goes by fast to finalize little bit-bit. (but she is yours anyway, and always has a way, this is only a peice of paper they're making you wait for)

TeamWinks said...

Also glad to hear that Cookie is ok. I can only imagine how tough it is to get her to take the meds!

We have never met Lucky's GAL. Go figure.

Runergirl said...

I hate giving gross medicine!!! Hope cookie is recovering well.

Christina said...

Poor sweetie! I hope she feels better soon!
I am a first time visitor to your blog. I like reading other's journeys in this upside down foster care/ adoption world. Sometimes it makes mine sees more bearable! *G*