Thursday, February 5, 2009

The University in the South

Got the offer - they attempted the low-ball. I was LIVID and INSULTED. I don't know what Michael was. They actually offered 5K a year LESS than he makes HERE - WTF???!!! Then they had the cahones to say that he could make up that lost income by teaching in the summer. I am so tired of cussing, that I just don't have the energy to write about it. Their loss. I am glad we are happy here.

On a positive note - our master bedroom looks so...flippin'...goregous. Window treatments are next!!


Patti Money said...

These idiots clearly don't appreciate Michael's talent. I can't believe that they offered him LESS than what he makes now!

Ms. J said...

Ugh. Jerks. Will there be a back and forth, or is this the end of it?

Amanda said...

They suck. Never liked them anyway.

In Due Time said...

That's insane! Was that the one and only offer?! Ugh!

Are y'all doing okay with the weather? I heard it was bad up there.

SD said...

I Sooo KNOW how that goes!!
...we had a VERY hard decision a few yrs back-my husband was to fill the shoes of his family. Leave his job, all of us move back to our home town. Sounded awesome! Promising future, higher earning potential...etc... Then the board insulted him as well---wanted him for nothing, low balled him, and it was around 5K less too! He declined it. Such a hard choice because he really was looking forward...but in the was the exact right choice!! We would never have been placed with our son to adopt and our little baby girl had we left! Things always seem to just end up as they should. I am glad you guys are happy where you are-and your new room is probably like in a magazine!

Overwhelmed! said...

That really sucks! I guess in this job market employers think they can get away with low balling like that! Ugh!