Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2 am

I just finished trying to feed the baby...maybe I'll call her Honey Bun here.
She only drank 1 oz. with much encouragement from me.
I'm thinking about the meeting at 9.
I'm sure hoping we don't have to endure a lengthy roller coaster.
Here's another look at who you're praying for:

And here's Cookie at right about 1 month


Nicole said...

I am praying for you. Maybe they can fast-track her to adoption. She is the spittin' image of Cookie. So glad that someone did respite for you. They really are angels. God bless and good luck. Please let us know what happens.

S. said...

Wow!---They look alike! How cute. I only caught your blog when you were about to get TPR for Cookie....I can't say I remember what she looked like so little. But she sure does look like her sisiter! Hoping this will be an easy process for you with no twists or turns! Good luck for the meeting!

Julie said...

oh my- WHAT A CUTIE! I don't miss the late night feedings- Hang in there!! fast track- Lord- Please!!

Amanda said...

They look so much alike - what a cute girl. So happy for you. And I think Lily has that same outfit. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I do miss those times with my daughter!

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Laurie said...

Thoughts and prayers that it goes smoothly. She is soooo adorable. It makes those late night feedings worth it. Oh sooo worth it. Kinda makes me miss them.

Laurie - a lurker in Canada