Monday, August 20, 2007

Pregnancy Convention

This weekend, all 4 of us went shopping for various baby items, and I'll have you know that on the weekends in our local Babies R Us, it is a sea of pregnant women. They all wanted to look at my kid-os. How cool is that? For a change, other people were envious of what I have instead of the other way around. Had I been in there a couple years ago, it would have sent me into a major depression. This time, I giggled and grinned. I've got my family, and no one can ever take my daughter away - and she is perfect, and I didn't even give birth.

Speaking of which...while signing my contracts at the college last week, a woman mentioned to me that I looked great for having given birth two 2 weeks ago. YEAH! OK, so I said thank-you, and then politely said I didn't birth that one. I guess I'll just be determined to feel good about looking good for a woman who recently gave birth.

And on to our major purchase of the weekend...dum dah dah dum...a DOUBLE STROLLER. Dang, I feel like yuppie supermom. Now all I need is a mini-van. (Um, no. No minivan will be bought by anyone in this household.) But seriously, it felt cool to buy it on faith that Honey Bun will stay.

Honey Bun now weighs 7 lbs, 4 oz. - a half pound weight gain in a week. She's drinking better now, and is much more alert. She does, however, scream when she poops, which is funny except in the middle of the night. We are still madly in love.

No news about anything in Honey Bun's case. We haven't even gotten a call from her assigned permanent worker. However, I think she's likely waiting to do her monthly home visit until she has more information to provide. It's fine with me. It's clear that we know as much as the workers know, and as long as that continues that way, I've got nothing to complain about. I've got faith that she's not going anywhere, at least for a long time.

I started teaching my classes at the college today - class 2 is tomorrow, and class 3 starts Thurs., and class 4 a week from tomorrow. Needless to say, for someone without a full-time job, this seems darn close to full time work.

We're seriously looking at mini-SUVs and wagons. Anyone have a Toyota Matrix or Plymouth Vibe or like? I'm looking for opinions as I do my homework on the web before facing the dealerships.

In two weeks, we are doing respite care for the weekend for a 3 and 5 year old. Yes, we have lost our minds. But the money will help buy Cookie's toddler bed. And it will also convince me to go ahead and get on birth control. :)


Gawdess said...

Loved our Matrix.
Loved it.
Only sold it because with our two youngest in the family we needed a minivan (sigh).

If you are buying new, know that you need to upgrade the dealer tires, those are usually only good for 11,000k or about 6000 miles.

When we had ours, I didn't like the low profile tires, they were very expensive to replace and where we live we needed snow tires too.

Other than that.
It is still one of my dream cars.

It handled well, held A LOT of stuff and kids, the seats folded easily, great city car and we even had it pull our tiny travel trailer.

Would recommend it whole heartedly.

Oh and if it still has the red read outs on the dash, those were a pain to try and see with sunglasses on.

Honey Bun sounds lovely.

Robin said...

Teaching is always a full time job if you are a good teaher like I'm sure you are! Not to mention having to parent ontop of it!!!! Your girls are precious.

FosterAbba said...

I test drove a Matrix but picked something else. The Matrix was cool, but we picked something a little more trendy instead.

Toyota makes good cars, whatever you choose.

Julie said...

I have the Chevy Equinox- and love it- I drove the Vibe and it is almost identical- I think I went with the Chevy because my friend had one too and I didn't know anyone with a Vibe at the time. I drove lots of them and decided on the Equinox because of the backseat- it moves forward and back- so you can have leg room in the back too. there is plenty of room in the back for all the baby stuff! Seats fold down with one hand- that was a very important feature- not all did that- Love it! So glad your enjoying your babies- and isn't teaching 4 classes full time? I would think it would be!?! I can't imagine taking on anything else! :) Your girls are gorgeous! So happy for your family! Love the Baby's R Us story- ha!

S. said...

We looked at both cars a couple yrs ago. Liked them both but I would definatly take the Toyota-we have owned 3 toyota's and by and large....extremely dependable cars!!
I know the stigma goes with the Minivan "people"....but we never owened one until recently (since Fostering) we just needed the space and did not want to pay too much so-- we just got a brand new Kia Sedona....IT IS AWESOME! It is really a super nice vehicle...drives great-so comfortable with lots of space-tons of power---it is hands down the best money spent for us on a car yet! Absolutly love it---so we just don't really care about the whole minivan thing----plus ...a couple of our friends just traded in their SUV's to go back to a Minivan---best bang for the buck! Really-if you ask me....ALL the Soccer Mom's right now LEFT the Minivan thing...and they are all in SUV's!!!----so now....I think it is an "SUV Mom!"...too good for Minivan's! -no offense! But seriously, looks that way to me! I say---Minivans are smart and practical...but get what you like! You'll be happy!

FosterMom said...

What? No Mini-Van? Come on!! You're no fun! We actually bought a mini-van last June after we brought Little Man home, knowing at that time that a third baby would be coming within the year. I had a Camry before the van, and the Camry was my dream car. We bought a Toyota Sienna mini-van, and the bonus was that it sits on a Camry chassis, so it drives the same. I love my mini-van - lots of room, and with the amount of running around I do with three kidlets, it holds everything we need plus. I vote for Toyota anything - we are a die-hard Toyota family.

Amanda said...

I believe the Matrix and the Vibe are essentially the same car with slightly different trimmings... in short, the Matrix is a slightly more luxurious Vibe, they have the same engine and (i think) powertrain. They are actually manufactured at the same plant.

We drove both and really liked them. But we ended up buying the Scion Xb because we liked the look.

JUST A MOM said...

put cookie in the back of the stroller.. less weight in the front better to turn. cave in and just get a mini van,,,, more room AND the new ones open the doors for ya...hehe

jessie s said...

A friend of mine from an old job got a matrix and loved it.

4 kids in a weekend? I bet they'll have a blast!!