Monday, August 13, 2007

And Baby Makes 4

What a whirlwind! We arrived back in KY late Friday night and picked up a car seat on Saturday morning (after learning it is hard to buy just an infant car seat without the stroller package too).

We arrived at Ann's house at 1:00 to meet the new addition to our family. Ann had seemed like a great woman on the phone, but it was fabulous to meet this angel of a foster mom in person. She was an EMT in a past career, and she had obviously taken great care of the baby.

Holding the baby for the first time was an awesome experience. At still only 6 lbs. 1 oz. at 11 days old, she looked teeny and fragile and felt so light. Yet she was perfect and beautiful, warm and velvety soft, and peaceful. Cookie was with us, and immediately came over to see the baby and without prompting just leaned in and kissed her face and grinned. We taught her how to say "sister".

We then came home for a well-earned nap - all 4 of us.

Saturday was a blur. Michael mowed the yard while Cookie played and I supervised her and watched the baby sunbathe to help the jaundice. That night we ordered pizza and ate ice cream to celebrate our new family.

Church yesterday was a trip - watching everyone's reactions to just seeing us with this tiny baby - and then introducing her as Cookie's sibling was just priceless.

Of course, I'm really beginning to fall in love with this baby. The doctors put her at 36 weeks, so technically she's a preemie. She's struggling to get over the jaundice, and to gain weight (she'd rather sleep than eat, and I often have to pry her jaw open, insert the bottle, and stroke her cheeks and the bottom of her feet to get her to suck. Even then, I'm lucky if I can get her to eat 1.5 oz at at time. I just keep trying ever two hours and each time she even looks remotely hungry. She goes in on Friday to get checked for weight and the jaundice. She'll go for an ultrasound on her hip in September, and also to the cardiologist sometime around then to be sure her heart is OK (mom apparently has cardiomyopathy, but I never heard anything about that when Cookie was born - we'll see). Other than those things, she's doing great. She's quite peaceful, and loves to cuddle and get pets and massages. I think she's downright beautiful.

Tomorrow morning is the team meeting with social workers. I pray they move this case quickly. I'm just gonna say it: I want her to stay.

Now all I need is for my dad to come up with her nickname. And yeah, Michael and I already have a short list of names we're coming up with...just in case.

Please pray for the meeting tomorrow.

Now, even though we arrived Friday night and today is Monday, I'm now going to go start unpacking. *sigh*


FosterAbba said...

Good luck! I hope it all works out well for you.

Julie said...

awwwwwwwwwww--- she sounds so sweet!! and that cookie!! what a doll! I am so excited for ya'll!! I am praying for the meeting right now!!! Sweet- molly, milly, maline, ..... just to throw a few names out there- :)

Yondalla said...

Congratulations. I look forward to hearing more.

S. said...

I am happy for you guys!!! I hope and pray she will be yours and grow up with her big sister. I already said prayers for your meeting!!!

Amanda said...

I'm hoping they fasttrack this one too!

Megan said...

So glad to hear you're getting settled. Don't forget to call me back and let me know how things are going. I missed you the other night. Love you all! Megan.

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, this is so fantastic!! I'm praying that this all goes well and that your 2nd little girl gets to stay and be a part of your forever family!

I can't wait to see what nickname you come up with for her. :)

So, I'm curious, when you introduce this baby girl to others (and assuming you'll want to change her name if/when you're able to finalize the adoption) how do you introduce her when you're talking to others about her? Do you use her given name or her nickname.

Robin said...

This is so wonderful! congrats on your new daughter!

S. said...

Hey I forgot to say...what I do for a living made me think about the girls Bio Mom's heart condition. I have to say, more than likely her Cardiomyopathy is really due to her drug addicted lifestyle and was not a genetic thing...or anything like that...she abused and abuses her body so badly it is aging her--Drugs are so bad on cardiac function. However, it must be sufficient for now to carry a pregnancy.