Sunday, September 23, 2007

No News Must Be Good, Right?

Honey Bun will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday. We have a name and number for her social worker, but to date have gotten no phone call or email, and certainly no home visit. I called once several weeks ago, and talked to the supervisor, who asked if everything was OK and assured me that there was no news to report.

Anyone know how long birth dad will have to get his DNA testing done after being court ordered to do so? When we had the team meeting on August 14th, the court order had already been set? What would happen to him if he just didn't do it?

These are questions I'd like answered. We're happy being a family, but some days it's hard to ignore the truth of her status: "return to parent". The legal system will take a very long time.

Still, now Michael and I are taking bets on how long it takes to get even a call from Honey Bun's social worker. The over-under is November 1st. Anyone want to place a bet?

See, everyone in our cabinet office knows us, and knows we are a good family who recently adopted. And now we have Honey Bun. And all is well. With case loads of kids and families in crisis, we inevitably often fall to the bottom of the pile. And that usually doesn't bother me. Most days I appreciate knowing we are a "taken for granted" family just waiting for the justice system wheels to turn their slow turns.

We will see our R&C worker this Wed. for our quarterly home visit, and will ask her about it. Until then, I'll be taking your bets. So, what say you - before or after November 1st?


happyadoptingmom said...

I would bet on October 31st. When they notice they need to update their notes:)

Julie said...

My guess is Oct. 29th- that is the first of the week when they need start getting their report ready for the Nov. update. :)

I heard a name the other day and thought of your Honeybun- It is french and means beloved. Amee it is pronounced Uh me. Not Amy. It would be super cute with your Cookie's name- almost backwards! A woman at Bible study's daughter is named that.

Amanda said...

I say after Nov 1... cause I like to be different and am very pessimistic.


S said...

What is the "over-under?" Not sure what you mean-but then...we are kinda-newer in all this Foster care stuff. We have not been too happy with it so far-but are grateful the County gives us good placements. Alot of foster families that are newer like us....have never been called yet! (So we are thankful to them) but our one little guy may be going home Novmber 1st. Sucks. We got a newborn just last week....he is beautiful and healthy too! But I know how you feel....they said they would give us a ring and tell us what is going on...for his case, his visits...etc... No call. we are just in limbo with him---again hoping this time we could adopt him. So uncertain in all this Foster care stuff! Good luck...I do think-(in your situation)-that No News Is Good News!

JUST A MOM said...

WELL our state,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if paternity is not done before next court date it is a done deal terminated!

when is the next court date?

Robin said...

I just wish that the whole process was faster!

Cookie's Mom said...

AHh - "over-under" is the Las Vegas betting terminology - for predicting the point spread of the outcome of a game. I guess I see Nov. 1 as our "over-under" point! LOL

Julie said...

Correction to the pronoucation of Amee- it is Aww mee - like Amen. ;) I spoke to the mom again last night and told her I told you about the name and she corrected me- :) just another one to throw in the hopper!

any word from the caseworker?