Saturday, October 20, 2007

2nd Time Around Observations

Observations of the day:
1 - With our second child, there is much less angst and guilt involved in simply putting a wailing baby (who is obviously well, fed and changed, etc.) down in her crib and closing the door, and going about your business for a few minutes.

That used to freak me out to the point I would cry.

Now, I'm blogging for a moment while Honey Bun "cries it out" in the next room. She's fine. She's just extremely cranky today, and I refuse to let that rain on my Kentucky vs. Florida parade.

2 - It is much easier to put the baby to bed awake and even let her "fuss it out" if she's been fed and changed and held for a while beforehand.

It used to be so hard to even think about putting Cookie down. Now, bedtime is fantastic. Some days it can't come soon enough. I bring Honey Bun into bed on occasion when I'm really exhausted and she won't settle down. But those are much fewer the 2nd time around.

3 - I don't think near as many things are "my fault". If my baby isn't happy and smiling, it likely has little to do with me. There, I said it. :)


Yondalla said...

And even if the baby is likely to be hungry and wet, you finish peeing and wash your hands and walk to the crib without worrying that she will have starved to death before you get there.

No wonder second children are not as neurotic as us first-ies.

Julie said...

ha! I am experiencing this right now- but i didn't have the fussiness with the other children- and not with this one until now! at 15 months at bedtime- craziness.... Yea for you!!! :)

Debbie said...

God, how I agree with you! With my first I was angst ridden!! My 2nd I was very confident and it works!! Cry it out seems so cruel, but as long as they are clean, fed and not ill I would swear by it. Both are now great kids with no hang ups and slept through the night from 6 weeks!!!!

Debbie in the UK