Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Closed Door Opens

The family that adopted Cookie's 2 older siblings a year before she was born had previously had a closed adoption (even closed from us). They just contacted the cabinet office, and asked to be able to get in touch with us. The two children have had liver and heart problems, so they are coming out of their private state to be able to share medical information with us. They live in another county, and I have no idea how the conversation will go over the phone. I thrilled, and scared at the same time. The two kids went through hell on earth. My kids didn't. My heart breaks for them. I am so grateful they are now willing to let themselves be known to us, and share whatever information they have. What a miracle!

My latest struggles - Cookie biting other kids at daycare on occasion & having horrendous night terrors (google it - they are NOT nightmares, and will scare the ish outta you - you will think your kid is possessed and/or having a seizure).

My latest praises - Cookie now pee-pees and poopies in her potty just about every day. She's still in diapers, but she loves sitting on her potty while mommy sits on her potty (we do our business together - it's both weird and cool). She also loves dumping her pee-pee and poopie in the big potty and then flusing it, waving to the waste and shouting "Bye bye pee pee!! Bye bye poo poo!!" What a ham.
Honey Bun is down to 2 wake-ups in the night (around 1 or 2 and then at 4 0r 5). She slept in the big crib in the other room last night for the first time, and Michael put on the new Bruce Hornsby jazz CD, which apparently is good for baby sleep.

Off to finish writing a midterm exam review guide for my students...ciao.


Julie said...

That is amazing news!!! what a miracle! I too would be scared and excited! I hope it all goes well!!!

cindy said...

I'm so excited about the siblings! And so right there with you on the behavior thing. Hang in there. I'm sure it is really some sign of cookie exerting her independence or something like that. Anyways, I bet the other kids she is biting deserve it. :)

S. said...

They grow out of biting! Some kids are just natural biters or pinchers -even spitters! I know families who have had the problem--and it is really no biggie- She won't do it forever...and I'd be willing to bet-she's not the only one in her school either...or even her class for that matter! That is exciting about the siblings! I think it's a very nice and thoughtful family to open it up for medical info for you guys! Good Luck!!

JUST A MOM said...

Is this world full of our cases???good luck

FosterMom said...

On night terrors - I feel for you! We went through those with our oldest, and you are right - it seems like they are possessed! Hang in there - they go away eventually. I think we went through it for a couple of months - not every night, but once or twice a week - and now he doesn't wake up at all. He was about 1-1/2 when he went through it.