Monday, October 15, 2007

At Age 36...

...I am now the proud owner of my first BRAND NEW car ever. We bought a Saturn VUE over the weekend, and it feels downright luxurious. I highly recommend the heated leather seats, XM radio, and OnStar complete with your own phone number that rings right into your car and allows you to make calls with the push of a button and just talk as you drive. I swear, I think I'm having an affair with my car. Every time I look in the garage, I can't believe it. No more car shopping! Woo hoo!!

And I must say, the experience at Saturn was great. It was downright humane. We were treated like people, respected, and never pressured to do a thing. Every move was ours. And I walked away knowing that I would refer anyone to that dealership any time. Now that is one good experience. Imagine actually recommending a car dealership? And no, this isn't one of those blog-ads either. I really, really enjoyed picking out the car and buying it. it was a breeze once we got there.

Oh, and it's dark blue with tan leather interior. Delicious! Michael says I look good in it. :)


S. said...

Oh that sounds nice! We bought a new vehicle in the spring...the best was we took 3 & 4 yr old brothers with us. Talk about getting in and out fast! The guy couldn'tget through the paper work quick enough! The 2 little guys were relentless-asking "whats your name?" "How old are you?" "Do you have a home?" "Can I write too?" "What do this button do?" ....We were in and out! ha ha

JUST A MOM said...

oo yeah a new car is good!!!

Julie said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family! Have fun with it! :)

Lin said...

You're lucky you had a good experience with Saturn. Here (Western MA, Northern CT dealer), they were rude, did the bait and switch, raised the price and ripped us off on our trade.

I had heard so much about how Saturn was "different". Nope, just more of the same, and even worse than most in my opinion.

Neither of us liked the car, either. It seemed very cheaply made. Lots of flimsy plastic. We ended up trading it at a loss on a five year old Dodge Caravan which I like a LOT better.