Monday, April 21, 2008

Still Loosing - A WW Update

It's been a while since I posted about my weight loss journey, and it's also been a while since I did anything much at all concerning my weight. Between parents in town, a kid with an ear infection, and some home remodeling, I've been out of the routine of going to meetings. However, I am pleased to announce that while being out for 3 weeks, I still managed to loose another 2 pounds.

So, my total weight loss is now 27.2 pounds.

I'm going to work very hard this week because I'd love to reach the 30 pound mark by the time finals are over. Still, I have lost over 10% of my body weight in one semester.

I have gone from a size 22W to a size 16W in bottoms and from a 3X to a 1X in tops.

I still have a lot of weight left to loose, but I'm not giving up.

Cookie has been saying new things to me lately - a couple of which make me smile:

"Mommy, you rock!"

"Mommy, you're pretty. You're a princess!"

And, of course, she now spontaneously tells me, "I love you, Mommy!" That is worth a whole heap of tantrums.

I am feeling prettier. The girls' swimming lessons this summer will be a lot less painful as I put on my bathing suit to get into the pool.


Julie said...

That is GREAT NEWS!!! I am jealous- but what can I say- I am not working on it at all! ugh!!! I do plan to get on some program very soon. You do ROCK!!!! :)

Runergirl said...

You do rock!!!

Ms. J said...

THAT IS AMAZING! I bet you feel amazing, too, eh?! I hope you feel awesomely proud of yourself, 'cause you darn tootin' should!

BTW, wanted to say thanks for the posting about tax credits. It's something nice to think about, and know is out there (can you tell how badly I am stressing about money right now, LOL?!)

Jess said...

Thats Awesome!

Frenchie said...

Great news on your continued weight loss! I think it is so sweet that your daughter spontaniously says, I love you! I can't wait to hear those words from my son! (Still a ways off--he's only 13 months).