Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Adoption Worker Assigned!

On the 17th, we will be meeting with the adoption worker who will be conducting Bit-Bit's adoption. K. is the same worker who handled Cookie's adoption, too, so we are blessed to have her back again.

The news of getting an adoption worker is likely sudden here on the blog, and for good reason. We had problems with Bit-Bit's social worker. She engaged first in inconsiderate practices (not calling to tell us the results of the TPR hearing, etc.), then inappropriate practices (telling us the baby did not have to be present, but that she would "call it a home visit" anyway, showing up on the last day of the month at 6:00 for her home visit, cancellations galore, 5-minute home visits), the unethical/illegal (giving us a copy of another child's presentation summary, asking us to write up all the documentation and paperwork that it is HER job to write, no family team meetings held EVER, and not communicating anything with our other workers, and on her last home visit we were convinced she was drunk or on drugs). The giving out of confidential and sealed documents lead us to report her to the cabinet.

We were terrified to report this. All we wanted was our daughter, and we would put up with anything, and do whatever we were asked to get her forever and be done with all this. But when it came to unethical and illegal behaviors, that did it. We had no real choice.

I had a meeting with 2 big-time supervisors in private, and it was very professional. They apologized on behalf of the cabinet. They promised me that by the morning we would be assigned the adoption worker OF OUR CHOICE, and never ever have to see or speak to our old worker again. They were grateful and appreciative of my bravery, and both agreed to do everything they could to expedite our adoption from here on out.

That promise was fulfilled, and our adoption worker has already contacted us and scheduled her visit for the 17th, will have our things to sign, and perhaps even our presentation summary. She estimates we will be done in 4 months.

See, you are eventually rewarded when you do the right thing. It was still hard. But yet it was also very easy. The worker should be terminated for what she did. It was egregious, and when she did those things, she always said "I'm not supposed to do this, but...". Dang it, then DON'T. *sigh*

Well, Bit-Bit will soon officially be Rebekah Ileana Ourlastname. Funny, it has felt that way for at least 10 months already. From here on out, it will be smooth sailing. We have the best worker, the best judge, and the best kid-os. Have I mentioned lately how GOOD GOD IS? ALL THE TIME!


Julie said...

That is just great news- LOVE IT!!!!

Eliza said...

Oh, what FABULOUS news to see on Bloglines today! I've been wondering why we haven't gotten an update on the proceedings, and did the right thing. I know you already know that, but I feel like sticking a gold star on you or something, because a lot of people would've been too afraid to "rock the boat" but it sounds like your old worker NEEDED to be reported because classified information in less ethical hands than yours could lead to all sorts of badness, plus she totally wasn't doing her job...yay for having K. back to work with again, and the good judge, and everything falling in line nicely in the end!

Also, your girls continue to grow more gorgeous every time I see a picture, and it's so wonderful that the sisters get to grow up together! Having followed you from before Cookie made her appearance on the scene, I'm amazed at how quickly you went from a couple struggling to find common ground to a family of four--personally I've found that even when my husband and I can't agree on one single other thing, we can always share a smile when one of our kids does something cute, or we catch two of them being NICE to each other, or they do something funny...there's even something about meeting your spouse's eyes over screaming little heads and making that "oh boy, there they go" face at each other that seems to help bring you closer even when you're having a bad day, no? You have a beautiful family and should be very proud of your perfectly adorable daughters and everything that you have accomplished in your quest for self-improvement and better health so that you can keep up with them (you're going to need it, TRUST me). Yay for the "ourlastname" family!

S. said...

Super news! Now smooth sailing ahead it sounds like. We have a termination hearing next week-expected to go without a hitch-but they say it will only take about a month an 1/2 to get the paperwork done here in Pa. It goes pretty fast up here I have heard. Sounds like Kentucky will terminate faster where Pa will not at all usually--but once they do--time to adop is quick we had friends that finalized one month after termination! In anycase, I am so happy for you guys. Your bravery by reporting the bad stuff will in turn make it better for others---good work! Congrats to you and yours!!!

Marthavmuffin said...

It's hard to know what the right thing to do is. When Jamie was first in our home her worker was horrible like that, didn't communicate with us, tried to talk us out of going to court, brushed off my concerns of the birthparents not getting their regular drug tests and on and on and on. When I didn't think there was any hope one day I showed up at court for one of the regular hearings early on...and she was no longer Jamies caseworker! We got assigned a new guy who was wonderful. We never did find out why the original one was taken off the case, but I second your emotion..."God is good!"

Stephanie said...

I knew everything would work out. I am glad Daniel was able to help you guys out in this! God is good!!

happyadoptingmom said...

Congratulations!!! It sounds like you are finally on the right track. I am sure it was hard to go to the supervisor however you may have just saved other parents from the same fate.

Rebecca said...

YEAH!!! I am so glad that it is starting for you!!! It looks like we are still on the same timeline! Our worker is coming on the 18th and she said our adoption should be complete in about 3-4 months! We can celebrate together ;)

Overwhelmed! said...

First of all, I'm so excited for you that Rebekah's adoption worker is the same one as Cookie's! That's fantastic news!

Next, good for you for turning that unethical social worker in. Unfortunately, many social workers feel that they're above the rules and we foster parents are terrified to rock the boat for fear of the nasty repercussions they might unleash on us. It was brave of you to step forward!

I hope everything goes smooth sailing from here on out! Will you foster after you're done finalizing Rebekah's adoption?

Oh, one last thing, I've just posted a picture of one of my 4th of July tutus. Stop by if you’d like to take a look!

Jess said...

How did the meeting go that is so exciting!!!

Diane said...

I just found this site and am enjoying reading your posts. I will be checking it as often as I have time.