Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Lovely Meeting

Our meeting with K, our adoption worker, went well as expected. It was lovely to see her again, and celebrate another adoption about to be completed. We learned that our presentation summary was completed and submitted for approval, so we are now just waiting for that to be finished by the powers that be at the Cabinet, and we will sign and be official pre-adoptive parents.

I'll be talking to our attorney sometime tomorrow (I teach my first day of summer class tomorrow, so I may be pushing it) or the next day. She will send her "fee letter" to our adoption worker, and she will also appoint our Guardian Ad Litem (who represents Bit-Bit in documentation and in court). We are hoping to get the same Guardian Ad Litem appointed that Cookie had - she is herself an adoptive mom, and she understands the need to write and submit her report quickly. For example, with Cookie's adoption, she wrote and submitted her report all within a week's time, and I think by law she could take 30 (or may be 90??) days. So, we are hoping for her again.

K. is hoping we will be able to finalize the adoption by October. That would be fabulous. Hey, if it happens by the end of 08 I'll be thrilled - who we kiddin' anyway??

Oh, and Bit-Bit's old social worker resigned.

And I want to share something else here - a wonderful man who was in our old Sunday School class works with the Cabinet, and were it not for us knowing him and his wife, and knowing the kind of honesty and trustworthiness he and his wife had, I wouldn't have had nearly the bravery I had to talk to supervisors about our issues. Because God put them in our lives about 3 years ago, we had people in our church family who fully understood our fostering to adopt process, and someone we could finally tell about our predicament. So, S. D. ... we are so blessed God put you in our lives. If we hadn't been able to talk to you both, I don't know if fear would have prevented us from being able to really tell what had happened. And now no other family has to be disrespected or have their privacy violated in the same way again. I'm so grateful.

I also forgot to add that old social worker gave pictures of Cookie to birthmom at court in April, even though the adoption was CLOSED and SEALED over a year ago. And, of course, that was done WITHOUT MY BLEEPIN' PERMISSION!! Ugh!! I would not have allowed that. She also gave her pictures of Bit-Bit and the girls together that I had given to her to "show the judge". I think she knew all along she was going to give them to biomom. Dang.

Well, all is well now that we are with K. and on our way to adoption-land again. I feel like everyone from here on out can be trusted, and that is a really comforting feeling.

Praise God for friends, for great adoption workers, for our girls, and for a FL summer vacation we just booked. Praise God for grandparents and potential date nights without having to shell out for a babysitter. :)


Ms. J said...

OMG -- I would FLIP over her giving out those photos -- that is compromising not only your family's privacy but also safety.

Okay, I am calming down now.

Congrats and blessings on another positive step forward :o)

S. said...

I am soooo truly happy for you guys! and I'm so glad you found the courage to report the bad stuff! Seems The world just doesn't have enough people doing the right things these days. You guys stuck your neck out for the right reasons! Things will be rolling along now, and I hope for a speedy, simple adoption for Bit-Bit. From how you explain the process it is done different up here---But we FINALLY we got a TERMINATION TODAY!!!!! and we are adopting too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I gotta say, I was a little sad at first reading when you got Bit Bit, (but not sad at all for you! Happy for you-but sad for us)-as we were still waiting for a chance at this Foster-to Adopt thing. And now finally we have a little gift who will be ours soon...And like I said before, had I not stumbled across your blog some time back-I may have never been able to convince my hubby to take the leap of faith and try this. So thanks again a million times over-and CONGRATS!!!! Keep on bloggin!!

Julie said...

I am so happy for you guys- that is mostly great news! I really can't believe the cw giving pics to bm but they just can't help themselves sometimes I guess- I am glad she is gone. I hope this goes quick!!! Yea God!

Runergirl said...

AMEN!!!! This is such great news for you guys, I couldn't be happier!!!! I think that I need to step up and figure out what is going on with Little Bit's worker. She never seems on top of things.....

Overwhelmed! said...

Okay, I am sooo glad that social worker resigned before she could get fired because she really needed to! I can't believe she passed on pictures to the bio mom without your permission. That's ridiculous!

I'm so glad you're getting much closer to adoption! Someday I hope to be saying the same thing but I think we're in for a long ride with Boo!

KrazyMom said...

Maybe now you can breathe a sigh of relief to have things a little more stable for you! I can't believe that she gave those pics out to bio-mom without talking to you first! No wonder she resigned! She knows the things she was doing were wrong all along!

You are right, the Lord places us with certain people within His timing. There is no such thing as coincidence as far as I can see! It is all in His hands if we just trust in Him.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be the wicked bitch here and ask what's the big deal with showing the bio-mom some pictures? Do you REALLY think (honestly now) that she's going to take those pictures and use them to track you down/hurt you from behind jail or once she gets out? Did you ever think that maybe seeing those pictures gave the mom some closure/peace of mind that the girls were well loved and being taken care of? Birthmoms (whether they choose to be them or not) sometimes can "close chapters" easier knowing that their children are safe and well loved/taken care of, then by them just disappearing off the face of the world and wondering every time a child that matches the age and description of the child they lost comes across the news as raped/murdered/abused... Cmon now. Get a grip and stop being such an ass. You have the children, she doesn't. I KNOW that showing her a few pictures isn't going to change that fact, and quite honestly, it sounds like you are just another power-tripping power hungry adoptive mom who is standing on the mountain stop screaming MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE. Get over it lady.