Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Got Swimsuits for Baby Girls, Anyone?

We're doing "Parent & Me" swim lessons this summer with the girls (all 4 2-week sessions if we can swing it). The only "problem" is that it's Monday THROUGH Friday (every week night) and that's a lot of bathing suits unless I do laundry each night. Cookie has 4 bathing suits, but Bit-Bit only has 2.

If anyone has size 12 month bathing suits for a girl you want to sell me, I have a paypal account!!

I'd also buy size 3T for the Cookie.

I'm not so cheap that I can't buy them new stuff (I do, really.) I just hate to buy so many new ones at full price that they'll only wear for 2 months.

Swimsuits, anyone?


Mrs. Incredible said...

I would just rinse them out nightly, and hang it to dry.. one suit for MWF and one for T/Th.

Simone said...

girlfriend. We swim almost every day and I think the suits get washed maybe once a week? Hang 'em out to dry! Besides, they tend to shrink when you dry them.

Overwhelmed! said...

I have a bathing suit in that size but Boo still fits it so I can't pass it on to you yet.

Have you checked Craig's List or Freecycle? Even if there are no bathing suits listed for sale, you can create a WANTED: 12 Month Girl's Bathing Suit ad and see what kind of response you get. It doesn't cost you anything to post on either site.

S. said...

My son is a competive swimmer and he uses the same ones over and over. If it is a good suit-soak about 20-30 minutes in the sink with cold water and a little baking soda after swimming (nutralizes the chlorine and prolongs the life of the suit) then rinse it out with cold water and hang it ---it will be dry by morning! It makes it last much longer--If it is not a speedo type suit but a basic little kids suit--rinsing it in the cold water alone and hanging it up to dry will be just fine. Washing them over and over in a washer and dryer -trashes suits and the material does not last. If it is a thinner one like a speedo, it'll start to become thin and see thru. Ours are always soaked, rinsed and hug-they will last way longer.

Cookie's Mom said...

WOW - thanks for all the tips on rinsing suits - especially the baking soda tip! I'll also put up an ISO message on cheapcycle!

Julie said...

Hey- I will look I may have one or 2 for bit bit! email me your address.