Thursday, January 8, 2009

In the 'Loo

Well, hubby is safely at the interview destination - and I'm off to have my hair done while the kid-os are at daycare. It's been quite a while, and I'm trying out a new stylist (who is about $30 cheaper than my normal stylist, which should tell you how much I've been over-paying).

The kids were up when daddy left at 5:30 this morning, and I let them watch Dora until it was daylight and then I dressed them and took them to daycare. I did the WIC grocery store run bright and early which apparently is senior-citizen time at Kroger (who knew). I then took a hot shower (which I'd also not had in far too long) and watched a few insipid style makeover shows.

I'm now blogging, of course, and about to head out to get my new 'doo.

Hubby should be touring the city we call "The 'Loo" about now. Tonight is dinner with the retiring faculty member who could be called the Aretha Franklin of our field. I'm jealous. The first time I met her I felt faint - what a cool woman she is.

Later I'll get the kid-os and see what Cookie wants for dinner. She barely eats, so what she wants is usually what we have. Maybe tonight we will do girls' manicures. I wonder how Bit-Bit would like that??


In Due Time said...

I hope it goes well. I think about y'all often when the boy and I talked about 4-6 yrs when he gets his PhD. Heh.