Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Interesting Meeting

On Monday night at my husband's softball game, I met a woman who goes to our church whom I didn't even know. She and her husband had surmised that our family was not one of procreation due to our variety of skin-tones. She shared with me a bit of her agony.

She and her husband have tried for the entire 8 years of their marriage to conceive. They conceived 8 times successfully. She also had 8 miscarriages. Just six months ago they decided to adopt. They are adopting privately from Oklahoma for a number of reasons - to avoid as much pain as possible is the main reason. Oklahoma TPRs in 24 hours after birth for a woman relinquishing her child for adoption. In Kentucky, it's 30 long days. She told me they could never have done fostering to adopt. (I think a lot of people think that, and are wrong - but in her case, she may be right.)

I don't understand in her case why it took 8 years or that many miscarriages for them to come to this decision. She must have wanted to experience pregnancy very badly. What I do know is that now she seems happy (I didn't know her before Monday.) She gleams with joy and anticipation. She loved meeting Cookie and Ginger at the ball game. She asked lots of question - but our situation of adopting from foster care is so different.

I'm glad they are adopting. I'm also glad we took action as soon as we did when we learned we had dual fertility issues. I'm grateful we did not elect IUI or IVF. I'm so grateful.

Risking TMI here, I started my cycle on Monday, which means if I did ovulate, it happened the first day or so that we had Ginger. I think that is the ultimate confirmation right there. It just doesn't matter.

I'm glad I had the meeting I did. It once again confirmed that God has much better plans for us than we can ever conjure up - if we just have faith enough to lay it all down before His feet.


curious servant said...

I remember your posts when Cookie first came to your home in foster care.

I'm glad things are working well.

It has been a while since I visited. I noticed a link to my blog, so I am returning the kindness.

God bless.

Robin said...

Amen Sister!

JUST A MOM said...

uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm this is private so I will say this...... I have a few friends who have been scared to death with our fostering lives. They or soem on the other hand just are too selfish to take tha tchance of loosing. they some want that beautiful blonde hair blue eyed baby who will be the doctor and every one will say how great you are. SOME I say AND I will admit taht I am a quick to judger in a bad way. BUT I have always thought MY BLOOD get fat ppuke adn maybe end up with the not perfect child woudl have been jsut fine with me. sorry I will step off my box now... thank you have a nice day,,,,, bye now,,,,,,

Julie said...

People all have a different idea of what adoption really looks like- it is funny where they come up with these things- I just say THANK YOU to whoever is willing to carry these babies and not abort them- and PRAISE GOD for those who will adopt them if their mom's are unfit!