Monday, June 25, 2007

What Did The Trick Tonight

We managed to get Cookie to sleep at midnight tonight, and I wanted to share just what she fell asleep to. Do any of you church-folks remember a children's ministry called "Gerbert" - a little kid puppet? Well, I remember them fondly - it was a late 80's thing and my little brother (and me and mom, then) were all about Gerbert.

Well, they only came out in VHS and are, of course, long out of print. But I wanted Cookie to experience Gerbert, so I bought one video. It's children singing classics like "Oh, How I Love Jesus", and "I'm In the Lord's Army", and more and Gerbert narrates and the kids do sign language along with the songs. He's just the cutest little guy. Well, it is an absolute HIT. But it's not like the Elmo videos where she gets all excited. With Gerbert she's just mesmerized and peaceful. She studies it and doesn't move a muscle.

So tonight we popped in the tape as a last resort and she got though about 3 songs and then just laid down with her head facing the TV in our bedroom and kept listening, and closed her eyes and pretty soon the baby-snore followed. And, of course, now I am too wired to sleep. :)

We just ordered 3 more Gerbert videos from half dot com - cost us only $20 with shipping - not horrible for stuff that's out of print.

The best thing though? One video is about how Gerbert is adopted and he answers questions about adoption and talks about how Moses was adopted! I love it! So this is my first official adoption-related purchase (that I am aware of, anyway).

Am now going to pop in a load of laundry and get some sleep. Thank God for Gerbert.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much your blog blessed me. I am so thankful you shared your story of Gerbert's role in your life and, now, in your daughter's. Blessings! Andy Holmes (aka-Gerbert)