Sunday, June 24, 2007

On A Lighter Note - Ha!

We did not make it to church today. And that is not because of Ginger Snap - who, by the way, is sleeping like a champ. No...

Last night, Cookie slept a whopping 1 hour. She has had a fever for the last 2 days, and drools so much she soaks her shirt in a matter of an hour (and the bed linens, and our shirts...). And she is crying and sobbing and whining. Non-stop. I am not exaggerating. OK, there have been a few precious Elmo's World viewing moments of relative peace in which we have traded crying for "La la la la. La la la la Elmo's World...". And she is relatively calm in the bathtub. But those moments last for all of 30 mintues tops before the sobbing resumes. And the crying is LOUD. And my Cookie is a drama queen diva.

And today she napped for 1 hour only after I forced her to lay down with me in the bed and only after she sobbed for another hour while I patted her bottom.

Dang teeth. She's cut her first molars already, and is now cutting the teeth just in front of the first molars. It seems all 4 are coming in at once. Lovely. And I thought I was done with teething with this child. Surprise!

So, my precious child has been awash in a sea of drool and snot just streaming endlessly down her face. And it gets in her hair, and any piece of stray substrate sticks to her like glue, and she looks like a street urchin! (OK, an adorable well-fed street urchin.)

We've tried everything - driving her around at night, playing during the day, walks in the stroller, playing with water in the yard, videos, her favorite foods, 3 baths a day, and constant holding.

Oh, and she refuses to eat anything, and will not drink anything unless she is dying of thirst, and then only drinks a few sips. It is scaring me. We even tried her favorite foods - pizza, Chinese, chicken nuggets from Wendy's - even fries. Nothing would make her eat.

The good news (??) is that she is going for her 18 mo. shots tomorrow, so the doctor can check her out and confirm the teething diagnosis I've already dished out. I swear if it's another ear infection, I will scream. Her date for surgery to get the tubes is July 13th, and now I cannot wait. Seems horrible to wish surgery on your child, but those who have been there I'm sure will understand.

At least it's just 1 child.

Oh, and I did make a trip to the dollar store for a card, some blank journals, a cool pen, some cookies and chewing gum, and a gift bag for Ginger's mom. I'm still looking for a Bible for her. I think I'm going to get one of The Message bibles. Anyone care to comment on their knowledge of this version? Some of my college students really like it, but I've never checked it out.

I also got supplies there to make 2 small scrapbooks/lifebooks. This is the coolest dollar store ever.

Anyway, I feel better just having got her a few items. I may make it a monthly ritual of sending a little inspirational goodie bag along with the pictures we've taken that month. I'll also see as the weeks go by how I can become a more active mentor for her (or if that's even possible).

I'm off to wash a load of drool-soaked shirts. This mommy thing is hard. *grin*


happyadoptingmom said...

Have you tried Hyland's Teething Tablets? They are great. Little one is happy and sleeps after they disolve under his tongue. They sell them at walmart or ask the pharmacist at target. Praying you get some sleep soon.

JUST A MOM said...

poor baby girl!!! I do not like teeth coming ineither. Poor Vince is getting 4 1 year molars AND the 4th in front bottom. poor babies!!

Me said...

I love The Message. It is especially appropriate for someone young and not already a Bible "scholar" :) She will like that version. It reads wonderfully easy! :) Good choice, God bless and good luck!

Emily said...

Yes, the Message is perfect for her. Great idea. It's just a wonderful version, that might be exactly what she needs. You were so good to think of that. We used it in youth group growing up, and I have a copy of the New Testament in the Message and the Psalms and Proverbs too..two little books. I love it too. Great idea.

And, I hope you get some sleep soon. I hope it's not another ear infection, but sometimes that happens with the teething too..but so long as she doesn't have a fever, that's a good sign.

And, what a fabulous idea about a goodie bag. I might use that idea if I get that chance myself...

Take care and sleep well.


Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, sorry to hear that Cookie is in pain due to teething. I still remember those days. Hope she feels better soon.

I love the sounds of the things you picked up for Ginger's mom. How very sweet of you. I'm sure she'll appreciate it all!

Take care!

Julie said...

The message is great- reads like a story- I am sad for cookie- i hope she gets some relief soon! bless her heart!